Sang Woo Kim For Issue 9

12 November 2015
School is hard for everyone – but how about being thrown in at the deep end? The tale of the misfit, the unusual boy at school that was always overlooked until now. A tall frame that stands out in a crowd, idyllic bone structure and cheekbones as sharp as knives. Not afraid to be himself and somewhat unaware of his talent to engage an audience. Nobody seems to know more about feeling comfortable in their own skin than Sang Woo Kim.
“Everyone grows up, but I was also growing sideways; being brought up in one culture and living in another.”
Photographer Cecilie Harris uses Sang’s lengthy body and jutting bone structure to her advantage; strong and structured poses combined with soft and delicate hand poses equal the beauty that is this 14-page fashion cover story of our newest print issue. Together they give you an insight to what it's like growing up between two cultures, the case of many of us these days, as we move across borders and the world gets smaller. As he very honestly paints his story and we print it onto the pages made available to you, you are presented with a beautiful insight to the mind of a Korean boy that has already adapted his lessons learned and fashion fairy tale into the empathetic and creative boy we present you with.
BBG Fashion editor David Nolan places Sang in strong shapes and unusual lengths - long sleeved jumpers and wide legged trousers, which cut just as sharp as his cheekbones. Nolan perfectly creates this look of a modern day man, sitting nicely within Sang's story.
In case you didn't notice Issue 9 is now released and ready for you to devour! See more than this small teaser at your local BBG stockist to get your hands on Issue 9, ‘Growing sideways’. If you don't live near a stockist, you can also order it online (ships internationally).

Photography Assistant KATY THOMAS
Model SANG WOO KIM at Select Model Management

Words by Molly Rose Baker.

BBG9Cover_Sang Woo Kim
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