Sam Alexander For Issue 9

23 December 2015

"Do you remember when you used to be on time? Yes, those were the good days."

I'm almost half way through my three year book project with illustrator and model Sam Alexander. It's difficult to believe how fast time goes sometimes. Watching Sam's journey has already been so inspiring and life changing, and I can't wait to share our documentations, captures and scribbles with all of you.

This is the project in a nutshell; I turn up with my camera once a month and take pictures of Sam, documenting whatever it is he does that day. It's pretty simple. Nothing fancy about it. What will be, will be. This means I am able to regularly capture and document his world, his moods and his experiences - telling his story as he turns older, from a first year illustration student to going into adulthood. A sort of "Boyhood" inspired project simply documenting what is, watching someone grow.

For the Boys by Girls Autumn Winter '15 issue our story is a documentary feature this time, giving you access into this world and the story we are in the midst of telling. Part of growing up is taking time to grow sideways, and what better way to do that during the summer when you can hide away from the sounds of the city and instead take in the sounds of the seaside? In his issue 9 feature Sam takes time for solitude in Devon - to throw rocks into the ocean as he watch them skip, eat the best icecream in the world by the pier and look for bugs under the bridge.

See the full photographic feature in Issue 9 'Growing Sideways' captured by Cecilie Harris, which is now available in our stockists and via our website.

Photography and Words CECILIE HARRIS
Model SAM ALEXANDER at Established Models

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