Sam Alexander For Issue 8

21 May 2015

To discover someone bit by bit - like pieces of a puzzle slowly coming together to form a beautiful picture. I am several chapters into exploring the mysteries of Sam Alexander at Established Models, our second cover boy for our eighth issue. The beauty of the unfinished symphony is worth stopping by and listening to. To watch, listen and document - so that one day, when the music plays it's perfections like a broken record, you remember where it all started and how the bigger story began to unfold. To make note of the moments on the way, the side streets taken and observe how all the pieces where moved back and forth before falling into all the right places.

Sam and I continue our journey in documenting his youth and talents. This is all part of a long term project (currently with the genius code name of 'Project Sam'). Whilst in issue 7 we focused on Sam's creative mind and his roots in Devon, in issue 8 we throw light on a side of Sam that hasn't been shared before in a stunning Saint Laurent 10-page special; a slightly darker and more mischievous side to the self-pledged lost boy. Representing the "troubled" boy, most will be able to relate to letting the night take you into a world of unknowns - where you sometimes loose yourself into hours of the night with your friends or your loved one, and where you sometimes are happy to spend moments alone with your thoughts after that perfect drink or five, to ponder upon the mysteries of life. In this editorial Sam and I share a night in his life, from the quiet moments in his flat just outside London, to moments from a night out in the quiet pubs and streets of his town.

It's part of growing up to go through those dark moments and live a little. Walking home in the early morning hours, climbing things you shouldn't, planning and plotting on all the wonderous things you are planning to accomplish, wondering if you are doing the right thing, if you are impressing the people you want to impress, doing a few mistakes and learning from them, playing your guitar so loud that you annoy your neighbours and laughing at the people already asleep who are wasting these prescious hours of the night - it's all part of the bigger picture.

Stylist Cynthia Lawrence-John dresses Sam exclusively in Saint Laurent's Spring/Summer 2015 collection, perfectly bringing out the rock boy and bohemian in this young artist. Black, skinny jeans - crucial to Sam's wardrobe - plays a key part along the pages as well as a range of cool tops and jackets.

In addition to gracing one of our covers, Sam has three illustrations included in the issue, as well as a piece of creative writing. I also caught him kissing his girl in a dark sidestreet. All reasons why you should buy a copy of issue 8 "The Trouble With Boys", which is available to buy in shops and via the BBG website now.

Fashion Assistants GRACE ROOKS and ANNIE LUNNON
Model SAM ALEXANDER at Established Models

Words by Cecilie Harris.

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Sam Alexander Cover
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