Portraits Of Pawel Bednarek

18 April 2012

We definitely have much adoration for Topman campaign boy Pawel Bednarek at FM Models, so when he stopped by for a quick Boys by Girls visit, Cecilie Harris took the opportunity to capture a portrait series of this totally awesome Polish born model.

In the short time we got to spend with Pawel, we got to experience at least fractions of how amazing he is in front of camera; his stunning beauty, his creativity and versatility. We shall be sure to start a Pawel Bednarek stalking club, and would love to spend some proper shooting time with him next time he is in town.

We also offered him fruit and sweets. How nice of us.

Pavel Badnarek_NS1
Pavel Badnarek_NS2
Pavel Badnarek_NS3
Pavel Badnarek_NS4
Pavel Badnarek_NS5
Pavel Badnarek_NS6
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