Portraits Of Martin Albaek

12 March 2015

This week we want you to take your minds to an old and familiar period. Take yourself to the latter years of teenage. Change is an ongoing phase and as well as having to define an image to people on the outside, you’re constantly getting to know yourself and adapting to the new. Breaking the ever-changing we take you to a calmness, a place of serenity divided by the airs of everyday life.

Bettina Genten takes us to the 20th Floor of an apartment in Gare du Nord, Paris to capture YC Model Martin Albaek. Highly contrasted unsaturated images are the format Bettina uses to paint the crispness in the atmosphere. The first image in the series introduces the YC model's piercing gaze as he sits amongst the airiness that is aloft in the room. Linear elements juxtaposed by tall structures and the softness of natural light aid a sense freshness and awakening.

Martin has such a newness and youthful look to him in appearance. Born to an Italian mother and Danish father, Martin shows a comfort in the French location. Whether it is his love of cinema or his sailing pastime, the 17 year old is able to tune his mind to a tranquil abode within the angular settings of his physical and mental environment.

Words by Rachel Abebrese.

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