Portraits Of Alexandre Szmytko

10 May 2013

19 year old art student and model Alexandre Szmytko lives in Paris and was recently photographed by Cecilie Harris for Boys by Girls during one of his recent trips to London. As a boy of many looks, Cecilie was able to this time capture Alexandre as the natural young boy he truly is.

His stunning face has been catching the eyes of many through his adolescent journey. He appears gentle, innocent and boisterous, and his blue eyes are the icing on top of the cake. Experiencing the poetic side of Alexandre, Cecilie was able to capture some inspiring visuals as the pair worked together.

“Being young is about change, finding your path and taking side roads that makes you into who you are. I’ve been watching Alexandre the last couple of years as he embraced different ways of self-expression. Going through a variety of different looks, hair styles and colours etc. I finally met him during a recent visit to London and had the pleasure of working with him. Capturing his boyishness and a very natural side of him compared to some of his previous looks, enabled me to really see him. He moves like every picture is a different poem to be expressed, and is a true artist at heart.” (Cecilie Harris)

Looking at this portrait series, it's easy to fall in love with Alexandre. Having a keen interest in fashion, culture and lifestyle, he has a magic way of bringing this to his posing and impacting the final images in a beautiful way.

Alexandre Szmytko_NS1
Alexandre Szmytko_NS2
Alexandre Szmytko_NS3
Alexandre Szmytko_NS4
Alexandre Szmytko_NS5
Alexandre Szmytko_NS6
Alexandre Szmytko_NS7
Alexandre Szmytko_NS8
Alexandre Szmytko_NS9
Alexandre Szmytko_NS10
Alexandre Szmytko_NS11
Alexandre Szmytko_NS12
Alexandre Szmytko_NS13
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