Photography Workshops

14 May 2013

Boys by Girls Editor: Cecilie Harris is now offering professional photography workshops. The workshops are a perfect opportunity to help photographers of all levels develop their skills and knowledge of photography, as well as provide some inspiration, so we thought we'd share with the Boys by Girls readers. Delving into the different photographic areas, Cecilie offers:

  • Portraits On Location
  • Editing your Work
  • Fashion Photography On Location
  • Pre and Post Production

The workshops are practical and hands-on, allowing you to get a real feel for photography, presented in an easy to understand manner within a relaxed environment. With a variation of both individual and group workshops depending on what area you are interested in, this allows you to learn the way you prefer.

There will be demonstrations of how Cecilie shoots herself, giving a real insight of how the professionals work and allowing you to experience different ways of working. Participants also get the opportunity to take pictures themselves, working with the professional model booked for each workshop. Cecilie uses SLR to shoot, however all workshops are suitable for both film and digital cameras, as they focus on the process, how to capture and work with your model.

Above: Joshua (FM Models) poses for the "Portraits On Location" workshop.

Workshop: Portraits On Location
This workshop focuses on portrait photography, how to use your own environment and natural light to capture beautiful model portraits. Cecilie will take you on a journey showing how she creates a nice flowing portrait series.

The workshops in general focuses on using the environment you have around you to create beautiful images, working with the light sources available to you, and is a unique opportunity for an intimate and fun learning experience. If you ever wondered how Cecilie gets her impactful image results, then this is a workshop you don't want to miss.

Workshop feedback:

"I was the first participant taking part in Cecilie´s "Portraiture On Location" workshop and can highly recommend it. Everything flowed very professionally, including the excellent model who arrived punctually on cue after the introductory talk and mood board planning. .....I ended up with a really nice set of photos which do justice to Cecilie´s teaching and photographic skills. I also came away with a personal list of things which I had learned during the day, and some nice ideas for light sources and other tricks to use when shooting model portraits. The workshop was well planned and went through the important issues from planning a shoot; through choice of locations and lighting, to image selection and editing using photoshop, and finally online publishing and other commercial considerations. I can therefore thoroughly recommend Cecilie´s "Portraits on Location" workshop!" (Simon Phillips)

Above: A few of Cecilie's results from the "Portraits On Location" workshop above.

Workshop: Editing Your Work
A detailed and individual look at how to edit your work. This workshop is personalised to you and your needs; starting with your current editing process, and giving you hints and tips on how you can futher improve your editing.

The "Portrait On Location" workshop includes very highlevel discussions around photo editing, going through the overall process and editing flow. The "Editing You Work" workshop, goes much more into detail on different editing techniques, and will be tailored to your needs and what you are looking to improve in your own editing process and techniques.

Other workshops available are:

Workshop: Fashion Photography On Location
An introduction to fashion photography - get hands on experience with a professional model and creative team. This workshop focuses on how to shoot a menswear fashion editorial using natural light and the environment around you.

Workshop: Pre and Post Production
This workshop is an indepth look into the pre and post production elements of fashion portraiture photography.You get an introduction to working in the industry and how to get your work noticed.

How to book:
For more information visit's Cecilie's website
To book a slot email

We leave you with a few behind the scenes images from the Portraits On Location workshop below.

Behind the scenes photos by Alice Odell Hunt.

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