Photographer: Ira Chernova

12 April 2013

We mentioned recently that we have a bunch of new photographers joining our regular contributors and here is another one to add to the list! Meet the lovely girl from all the way over in New York City, Ira Chernova.

Born and raised in Moscow, Ira spent a few years travelling around Europe before settling down in New York. She picked up an old film camera at her parents house and since then she has developed her work in both film and digital formats. Ira now works a great deal with polaroids, a bit of gif-work from time to time and wants to in addition do more video work in the future. Ira prefers to pick up the camera and let the shoot unfold throughout the day, rather than planning all out into the greatet detail in advance. This is when magic happens.

We recently featured an editorial by Ira of the lovely Nicola at ReQuest Models. The shoot took place in New York City with a mix of film and polaroid Land camera. You can check the series out here!

We love how Ira appreciates the inner boy and that the shot tells it's own story about the model. She says: "I like personalities, so you get more from a photo than just good looking human beings." Normally on a shoot with Ira you will find her drinking coffee to keep her alive, and she likes to shoot with a small team to keep it "fast, raw and strong."

Below we treat you to some of our favorite work by Ira taken from her current portfolio. Be sure to keep checking back to our website to keep up to date with her exclusive Boys by Girls work that we will be featuring in the future!

Images courtesy of Ira Chernova.

Editorial_Ira Chernova1
Editorial_Ira Chernova26
Editorial_Ira Chernova64
Editorial_Ira Chernova32
Editorial_Ira Chernova74
Editorial_Ira Chernova41
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Editorial_Ira Chernova101
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