On The Run

4 March 2016
Do you remember being left home alone for the first time? The moment your parents shut the front door and you heard the car pull out. In that moment, all house rules evaporated and you had your first taste of freedom. You could make up your own rules, sneak around in your parent's bedroom, peek into forbidden hideaways and climb on the kitchen side to reach the snack cupboard. You could eat as much as you wanted, jump on the sofa, take up the whole couch and watch whatever you liked on TV. The possibilities were endless! You could play video games with the volume all the way up and pretend you were in the cinema. Dancing around the house to your favourite music, sneaking into your parents wardrobe and teetering around in your mum's heels. The house seemed so big to little you.
Left alone to amuse himself whilst his parents are out, Harmon Jones roams a Hollywood deserted midway through a zombie apocolypse. Loitering in the make-shift boulevard and sneaking around corners, Harmon explores trailers and steals the clothes off the stylists' hangers. He is whoever he wants to be and there is no one around to tell him otherwise. One big social experiment, imagine trying on clothes and feel how it changes you; now I am a detective turned spy. Throwing on an over-sized trench coat, it hangs off Harmon's slender frame and underneath he hides a vest paired with a tie tying a tie because... well why not?
Suspiciously suave, Heather Hazzan captures Harmon Jones at Ford Models Los Angeles as he dips in and out of numerous characters and programmes himself into stealth mode. He's a lost boy in amongst the glamour of 1960s America. Regardless of the amount of roles he attempts to take on, he remains an outsider, never quite fitting into the clothes or his surroundings, yet giving him total freedom. A fierce look of sincerity challenges his audience to question him. Do you dare?

Writing by Savannah Liu.

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