Nothing But Thieves For Issue 7

9 December 2014

Five school mates from Southend; Conor, Joe, Dom, Price and Phil, make up your new favourite band; Nothing But Thieves. Conor takes us to one of his favorite places, Rough Trade in Shoreditch, where we catch him flicking through some 60s Rock records looking completely in his element. For issue 7 we delve into the world of frontman Conor Mason and learn a little bit more about his inspirations and transfixation with sleeping, Radiohead and girls.

“I get weird on stage and I can’t really help it, I get a bit lost within it, you know…performing on stage is like having an argument for 45 minutes.”

Photographer Cecilie Harris intently snaps away as Conor begins to tell us more about his band Nothing But Thieves. After describing performing as a forty-five minute bust up with someone you love, he goes on to tell us that the small details that most people miss inspire them most as a band; be it an awful film with a brilliant 10 second clip of music or car horns beeping in time with each other.

Cecilie captures Conor in some sort of celestial bliss, simply and honestly, whilst David Nolan creates an upscale cool image with brands Topman and John Varvaratos, fielding something every frontman should be able to project.

Leave your mind at home and jump into the minds of Nothing But Thieves, a world where you can see everything beautifully and creatively. You can now buy your own copy of Issue 7: Obsessions and hear more about the band's Nashville inspirations and something about recording terrible songs in dull-lit bedrooms.

Photography Assistants CLIO COOPER & FITRIA TJANDRA

Words by Molly Baker.

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