Nonchalant Nuances

25 March 2016
Your bedroom. The warm comfort of your own bed, the sheets still crinkled from the night before, pillows displaying evidence of last night's sleep. You take a warming sip of tea from your favourite chipped mug and start to ponder about life. Sounds like home. It's a sanctuary where every teenager can embrace their own company and take a few minutes out of their busy weeks. Tick tick tick... it's time to meet another boy that welcomed Boys by Girls into this world.
There’s an air of curiosity when it comes to Jason Bishop, and with every scroll of your mouse, you sense that you could have met him before. He’s effortlessly handsome with a sharp, dark look about him. You don’t know what he’s thinking, but you know whatever it is, you know you want to figure out what it is. Photographer Shaira Luna explores shadows, draping light over him in a sensitive manner. It's the Boys by Girls way, to simply let the boy be.
His mum describes him as the joker in the family. There is an ease about him. Mix that with his cheeky personality and Jason officially becomes the boy that every girl, mum and nan adores. Styled to match the minimal, boyish surroundings of his bedroom, Shaira Luna dresses him in white T-shirts and a Levi's demin jacket, making the series seem effortless. It’s refreshing, just like Jason.

Words by Rebecca Jones-Clarkson.

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