No Limitations For Issue 9

11 December 2015
"I was in the wrong place, the wrong time.“
The theme of Issue 9 is "Growing Sideways". Every photographer, every boy, a different interpretation. This story is about taking the wrong path and have the strength to take a 180° turn. Keith Wooten, a food runner from the Bronx, New York, has made hard decisions more than once and stuck to them, knowing exactly where he wanted to go. From making mistakes and being stuck in bad patterns, Keith talks about his journey to turn this around, and using his lessons to grow stronger and feel excited about the possibilities ahead. Life presents you with decisions every day, and Keith isn't one that is afraid to stand out.
Catching the attention of photographer Georgie Wileman, he allows her to gracefully tell his story. Capturing personal stories and stories of people she gets inspired by, Georgie is looking for truth in her photographic approach and what lies beyond the surface of her subjects. As she digs deeper into Keith’s story in our latest print issue, she follows him around his usual habitat and captures him in his favorite suits, which he wears with pride - casting colours onto Georgie's soft toned photographs.
Enter the world of Keith in the full documentary feature in the Boys by Girls Autumn Winter '15 issue, which you can buy in stores of via our online shop.


Words by Saskia Pfeiffer.

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