Night Thinker

5 August 2016

It’s ticking again. Entrapped in a desert of thought, with no backing track but that continuous lullaby singing you into your night’s daze. Mind always ticking, clocks always clicking. That hazy daze you find yourself in, gripping onto any limbs of rusting reality. Your thoughts are now the clock’s hands: time is a man made invention they did always say. But you are all alone in an abyss of your thoughts, with only your soul and a bed side book as your close confidante.

Saskia Pfeiffer photographs Carl Hardorp (Viva Models) in an intimate setting. A night thinker’s chamber; where worries grow futile and dreams spark kinks in the night. In this honest series, Saskia delicately unravels the mind of those kept up all night. Capturing Carl in his best night thinker mood, she lulls you into this transient state.

The weighted silence, the heavy breath. You may have wandered, but you have never been closer to being found either. Ruffled sheets, ruffled dreams, your safe haven in all of this. When you’re exhausted and close your eyes, that’s when you really wake up. In the spectacles of your mind you stand, wanting the world. Your inner voices doing the occasional pirouette through the chains of your minds cage, allowing you to wonder. And wander. With the night’s haze thickening and never tiring.

Words by Charli Poster.

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