Remco At Bananas Models

21 May 2014

BBG first timer Irene Armesto photographs Remco at Bananas Models in this playful series. Shot in Paris, Irene captures a stripped back and raw version of the popular city as a backdrop for the shoot.

The images by the self taught photographer are beautiful and resembles near life-like paintings, drawning you in with their artistic and intimate feel. The creative use of different angles and soothing colour tones, pleases the eye as her series travels from colour to monochrome images.

The youthful images perfectly showcases the Dutch model's beautifully carved features, his angelic gaze and delicately pointed nose. But Remco isn’t just a pretty model he has a brain too, studying a Masters degree in Economics and Business studies (fancy).

The natural photographs are styled using the models own clothes and accessories for a relaxed feel to the series. The shoots concept was keeping it simple documenting the young male of today in true Boys by Girls style.

Words by Rosie Williams.

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