Maxime At Anti Agency

30 July 2014

Photographer Cecilie Harris captures Maxime at Anti Agency in this monochromatic series. Anti Agency, a new player in town, has a range of very interesting models, and Maxime's unique beauty is definitely one that captured our eye. For this set of images it was more personal. In a slightly unusual set up our Editor-In-Chief captured one of our fellow interns, Maxime. Instead of just having met the model; the two already knew each other, which makes this series so much more interesting. The pair already knew each others movements, strength and shared a common vision for what is beautiful. There was a comfortable silence painting the mood for the images, and the shoot flowed incredibly easily.

Maxime studied Fine Art in Paris, which is perhaps why he such an artistic soul as he used to paint his words so beautifully when working at Boys by Girls – capturing moments no one else would see. We called him the office vampire as the model always stayed indoors even when the sun shone so delightfully – (side note: very professional).

The set of images have a gentle and poetic feel to them with Maxime’s delicate poses captured in a classic black and white filter. A softness captured through his elegant movements, almost as if he has been caught mid-dance. There is a serenity and calmness about Maxime that is captured in the stillness of the collection, naturally including some of Cecilie's trademark poses and expressions.

For the styling things were left simple in Maxime’s all black attire and slicked hair – his usual office wear. We will miss you Maxime and your cute French accent.

Words by Rosie Williams.

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