New Face: Daan At SUPA Models

27 August 2014

Within this concrete jungle a figure appears; his dusty blonde tipped hair, deep hollowed eyes and sculpted lips make him gleam against the crumbling bricks and concrete slabs. He is Daan Van Der Deen. Against the underground cityscape photographer Vika Anisko captures this Supa Model Management boy in a stunning little narrative series.

With a cigarette hanging out his mouth echoing a young James Dean, his eyes draws you in as if he has a secret to tell you. It’s rare to find a model that still has that gentle old-school look, but personifies it in a refreshing way. Sweeping his floppy hair from his face with a humble grin and leading us down a staircase into the unknown, Daan is more than just a model. An old soul reborn to this modern world.

J'adore this beautiful monochromatic collection. The sunlight paints his face in such a poetic way, revealing new sides to him in every frame. With minimalist styling, his dark charcoal sweatshirt highlights his looks; showing his seemingly wined stained lips and feathered black lashes to create a stunningly detailed series.

Words by Clio Cooper.

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