New Face: Amara At Premier

10 September 2014

We remember the first time Amara Sheriff at Premier Models came into our office. He bounced in with his huge smile, welcoming personality and cheeky smile instantly brightening our day. We couldn't wait for one of our girls to capture this honest and charming boy.

In these beautiful monochromatic photographs, Mexican born photographer Paola Vivas captures Amara in a raw collection of images, exposing us to his many different sides. His face ever changing, transforming and developing through the series, showing off his natural beauty and amazing model potential. We were drawn to his youthful look and playful character, but these photos also tells a different story, revealing more shares of Amara. Aspiring to be an actor, his face paints a picture filled with emotion, drawing us in time and time again.

Paola brings out an authentic side of this model in this gorgeous set. Amara talks about acting having taught him the ability to empathy and being able to understand other people and their story. A power to be used in his modelling as well, as we're already drawn to what he creates in front of the camera.

Words by Clio Cooper.

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