New Face: Alex at Premier

9 August 2012

After literally stalking him down the street (in true "who-are-you-beautiful-boy"-fashion), we discovered that the beautiful Alex is a brand new face with Premier Models. We simply had to get him in for some portraits, to capture this new and absolutely stunning model.

In a series of her trademark black and white images, Cecilie Harris captures Alex in these beautiful portraits. His stunning features and beautiful eyes really caught our attention, and was amazing to capture. Along with his charming personality and very cool hair, he definitely gets thumbs up from us.

We will definitely be watching this boy, and can't wait to see what he'll be up to!

Above left: Alex wears t-shirt by Mercy & Wild

Above left: Alex wears t-shirt by Mercy & Wild. Right: Models own.

Alex Heerema_NS1
Alex Heerema_NS2
Alex Heerema_NS3
Alex Heerema_NS4
Alex Heerema_NS5
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