New Face: Aaron at Select

5 December 2012

Although Aaron at Select Model Management had only been modelling for three weeks when we met him for his first portrait series by Cecilie Harris, he was the perfect model. A complete sweetheart, we loved Aaron’s honesty and sense of humour. Considering how new he was to the business, he managed to reveal a lot of emotion to the camera with just a look and the photographs really are very beautiful, showing both his youth and energy as well as his ability to bare his soul in a glance.

At Boys by Girls we like our boys to look their best, whether this means giving them a haircut or getting them to shave. Though for Aaron the reluctance to remove all evidence of his facial hair was clear “Don’t make me shave! It’s taken me three years to grow my moustache!”.... “What moustache Aaron?!”

We adore Kristine Kilty’s styling of this portrait series, with the edgy and youthful styles of Coeur and Asos, in our new favourite colours of red and white. We've come to love using caps as tools to enhance images, but none have looked quite as cool and natural with them as Aaron, who then proceeded to make a Pokémon joke… only our new intern Hannah got it. But this did lead to our creating a new pose - 'The Hat Play'!

We had also originally planned on featuring Aaron doing tricks on Cecilie’s scooter, however his first attempt didn’t end so well and the scooter did not live to tell the tale. Luckily the newly crowned “daredevil” Aaron was fine and able to finish the shoot.

Make sure to keep an eye out for our Boys by Girls interview with Aaron, which we will be posting in a few weeks!

Photographic Assistant HANNAH FICKLING
Model AARON (Select Model Management)

Above: t-shirt by JENNY SCHWARZ, trousers & jacket by ASOS, cap by CONVERSE, shoes by ALL SAINTS

Above: shirt by COEUR


All Saints
Jenny Schwarz

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