Muses For Issue 10

22 June 2016
Behind every monument there is a bigger story, behind every successful man is a powerful woman, behind every action is a moment of inspiration. Issue 10's editorial 'Connected', continues to explore the concept of muses by looking at who makes us who we are. No matter how much we like to believe that we can be solely original, we are always in debt to someone or something, whether aware or unconscious, that has driven us to do what we do and be what we are. We are a combination of histories and influences. We are pieced together by fragments from everything we read, everything we see, the experiences we have and the people we grow up with. A river is not merely the surface that reflects the sun; look a little closer and you can see that there are depths.
In a quest to find the source of motivation, we asked five boys to bring along one person who inspires them. Two mums, two sisters and a friend offer support and comfort to the boys in the resulting photographs framed forever by Sophie Mayanne, highlighting the importance of family - whether given or chosen - in creating the bonds through which inspiration flows back and forth. The boys reveal that their actions are dictated by a desire to impress the person who impresses them; an ebbing tide of creativity that is ceaseless, back and forth, gathering shells with each wave.
Sophie Mayanne teams up with stylist Samuel Gallagher for our tenth anniversary issue 'Muse' and captures intimate moments of relaxed connection between the boys and their muses, flashes of the relationships necessary for creativity. Issue 10 is available in stores and online now.

Photography by Sophie Mayanne
Fashion by Samuel Gallagher
Grooming by Ksenia Galina and Josie Chan

Words by Jonny Clowes

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