Re-exploring Boyhood

19 August 2016
Your body is a temple, your mind the nucleus and happiness is the treasure. Limited to some, but possessed innately by all this is an entity mistakenly re-interpreted by materialistic minds. The beauty of happiness mushrooms into various organic forms; can such an impression be so feasibly defined? Remember those sweet shop smells and drawn out days with no plans, but harmless pranks and spontaneous exploration. We always harken back to what once was, a time when it was easier and kinder and "things were more simple back then". Nostalgia has a way of filtering memories so that the golden beams of childhood (why is it always summer in your memories of childhood?) drip down into the present and convince you that the past holds the idyllic green grass captive and separate from you now. But the grass grows greener if you water it, and what you might think belongs solely to forgotten dates can just as easily spring back up again from the ashes and roots.
Model of the moment Montell Martin at Select Model Management is translated through the lens of Caoimhe Hahn exuding exuberant energy whilst re-exploring his boyhood locale. Whirred by recollections of place, a sensory journey to the time-hopping confusion that is 'de ja vu', Montell's cheeky smile and bouncy 'joie de vivre' illuminate this personal and vibrant series. As his memories seep one by one into the solitary corners of his mental space, they are re-imagined into a raw essence of genuine contentment. Oh, the good ol’ days.
Complimenting Lillie Russo's relaxed grooming, stylist Rickardo Mattocks-Maxwell introduces Montell in staple casual pieces from streetwear pioneers Vans, River Island and ADYN; strategically using comfortable clothing that is ideal for all the tree-climbing that we all reminisce about, regardless of whether we ever scaled a bush or not.
Although happiness does not parallel perfection, the sensation serves as the inception for a state of positivity.

Above Left: Jacket by NUDIE JEANS, T-shirt by RIVER ISLAND.
Above Right: Top by FRED PERRY, Trousers by ANTONY MARATO, Trainers by VANS.

Above Left: Jumper by ADYN, Trousers by RENEE BEDELL, Shoes by NO 288.
Above Right: Jacket by ANTONY MARATO, Shirt by CP COMPANY.

Above: Jumper by STONE ISLAND, Joggers by ADYN, Shoes by VANS.

Above Left: Jumper by Stone Island, Joggers by ADYN, Boots by CAT Footwear.

Above Right: Coat & Shirt by RIVER ISLAND, Boots by CAT Footwear.

Above Right: Jacket by NUDIE JEANS, T-shirt by RIVER ISLAND, Jeans by NUDIE JEANS, Trainers by Vans.

Above Left: Jacket by FRED PERRY, T-shirt by RIVER ISLAND.


NO 288

Words by Akhnaton Selbonne-Willie.

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