Monochrome Bliss

13 August 2015

He gazes softly into the distant skies, sweetly slipping into his own blissful daydreams. Disconnecting from the world around him. Switching off and entering his own surreal imagination. He floats effortless through his day with the ease and candour of a child, in black and white as if he himself is a dream. The day invelopes him, carrying him softly along the path of time and cradling his wants and desires. He is safe here, in black and white, where everything is simpler. No colour to confuse, or grey areas to debate. Just monochrome.

Photographer Shaira Luna (East Jed Root) captures Eduardo (Elite Manila) on the rooftop of his flat to create this series of classic and timeless photographs. Deep contrast and high grain flows fluently through the frames, and the harmony of monochrome tones streaming beautifully through the entire series are captivating. The moody, grey skies and continuous trickle of cool rain made it easy for Shaira to create this sombre and beautiful story.

Now the light slowly softens, the sky gradually drifts into darker tones. The night awakens and another day is ending. Absolute monochrome bliss.

Words by Katy Thomas.

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