MFW: Costume National AW14

16 January 2014

Twice a year a magical thing happens, the most beautiful boys of the world all stay together in the same place. These moments happen during that time called Men's Fashion Week, which happens in a variation of cities around the world. After our London coverage last week, today we take you to Milan and as we go backstage at the Customer National mens aw14 show.

The Costume National location for the menswear show has been the same for many years now, and it is so beautiful that it doesn't need to be covered with any scenic designs. Also the time of the show, in the morning, takes advantage of the beautiful daylight.

This season Ennio Capasa's inspiration for his collection was David Bowie’s style at the end of the 70’s with loosely flared trousers and optical prints. You can see more colourful pieces in this collection, there is a touch of burgundy, glass bottle green and deep purple.

It was cold in Milan on Saturday early morning, but we've been through worse in the past (a rainy LCM last week for example). All the press and photographers already occupied the backstage to capture the best behind the scene moments and we were ready for it all to begin. As we were waiting for the rehearsal to begin, we had a little chat with some of the boys that walked for the show.

Julian De Gainza at Why Not Models

Hello Julian, how did you start modeling?
I was in my country, Argentina, and I met a guy that was an owner of an agency there and he asked me if I wanted to be a model. And I said, "Why not!" So he asked me if I wanted to go to Paris. Obviously I said yes and this is now my second season.

Can you tell us about something funny that's happened to you recently?
Once before doing the Kris Van Assche show, there was an hair stylist doing my hair and he put all the hair spray all over my face so when I arrived to the catwalk I was a bit blind. I couldn’t see anything. It was very funny.

How do you usually spend your days off?
I go out with my friends and I do acting also in Paris.

Janis Ancens at Elite Models

Hello Janis, where are you from?
I’m from Latvia, I’m 21 and I have lived in Milan for 2/3 years now. It’s going quite well. I like the city even if I work most of the time so I don’t spend much time here. I spend most of my time traveling.

What do you do when you are not crazy busy?
In my spare time apart from modeling I like to go home and spend time with my family, girlfriend and friends.

Will you go to Paris after Milan?
I’ll do Paris but only one show, Valentino. It’s not because I’m exclusive, but I’ll go just for that show because after that I have a big job in LA.

Can you tell us the most funny event that you’ve found in your career until now?
During fashion week we are all really tired haha. I have some funny stories from photoshoops though.

Abiah at I Love Models

Where are you from Abiah?
I’m from Jamaica, but I was raised in New York City.

How did you start modeling?
I was just walking one day and my agent in NY saw me and he said, "You know what, I need to get this guy!" Well, actually the real story was that he said, "This guy looks good from the back!" so I turned around.

How many seasons have you already done?
I’ve done a lot of exclusives in the past, so I’d say this is my third season. I have only been to Milan yet for this season, and I’ll go to Paris next.

What's been your funniest moment?
Well I don’t know if I can reveal them haha. The funniest thing I’d say... probably all the people who busted their ass on the runway.

What do you do when you are not modeling?
When I have days off I spend time with my daughter Abbey, and I just take her to the park or to Chuck E. Cheese’s.

How old is she?
2 and a half. When I’m not with her I’m working on my acting and some projects I can’t wait to share. So wait for it.

Photographs by Sara Cimino.

Words by Elena Indiano

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