Matthew Bell For APCY

31 January 2013

This preview of a beautiful editorial by Cecilie Harris from our lovely new issue 'A Place Called Youth', is one we are rather excited about. You might have noticed that the Boys by Girls team is more than a little bit in love with the amazing boy that is Matthew Bell at Elite Models London, so of course we had to have him in the issue! So much is our adoration for him that he’s got his own nicknames and pose "The Matthew Bell”. Sometimes we refer to him as ‘The Bell’. He is also nicknamed as Cecilie "egg", but we're not quite sure what that is all about. One thing is for certain, his beauty is undeniable and the world if now starting to discover it. We are massively pleased.

These beautiful black and white shots were captured quite randomly during one of Cecilie’s moments of inspiration out on her balcony in a "sit there and keep smoking, you are super beautiful" - kind of way. We adore the simplicity and rawness of the shoot. Being the pretty cool kid that he is, Matthew has provides his list of things that are ‘Not Cool’ and 'Cool' to the readers of "A Place Called Youth". We love it. To find out what is cool in the world of Matthew Bell you simply have to get a copy of the issue.

Issues are still available at some stockists, which you can find out about here. Alternatively you can order straight from us by visiting our online shop here.

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