Louis Berry For Issue 10

20 June 2016
Looking up at the starry night sky - it is beautiful, tranquil and deceptively still. Shimmering specks of light grant promises for the future and hope for the present. Mindfulness involves living in the now and becoming less involved in the past or the future. You take things as they come and accept whatever the hand of fate feeds you. Issue 10 offers another inspiring boy for you to get to know.
Sharing eye-wateringly detailed events of his past, it soon becomes clear that Louis Berry wasn't a child for long. A lone soldier on the road to success, he has worked his way through any battlefields blocking his path. For Issue 10, the Liverpool boy confides in Boys by Girls on a deeply personal level in his interview, and shares his views on the world we live in today. Uncovering thought provoking politics and questioning the norms society live by, Louis Berry is a hurricane of questions.
Whilst recording in the BBC Studios for his Live Lounge set, Cecilie Harris photographs Louis biting back at the critics that didn't believe in him from the start, and documents the BBC Studio takeover. His raspy tone compliments the unusual hybrid of Rock'n'Roll meets Country music, and his heart is set on nothing else than to make himself heard. The issue 10 print feature reveals there is a retro feel to Louis' music, and his charming smile brings warmth and reassurance for greatness to come.
A couple of teasers below from the photos that grace our anniversary issue, gives you a hint of the honesty Louis depicts. Unfiltered and raw, Cecilie grasps the true essence of Louis Berry in all his humble gratuity. Profoundly unapologetic, he wishes for unification and for nothing more, than for London cafes to have bigger handles on cups (he can barely hold the thing).
Explore Louis Berry and read his full interview inside Issue 10, 'Muse'. Now available to buy both in stores worldwide and online in the BBG Shop.


BBGIssue10133Louis Berry
BBGIssue10132Louis Berry
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