LFW: Shaun Samson AW12

25 February 2012

Another part of the MAN trio during London Fashion Week was designer Shaun Samson, who's collection this season was influenced by different social aspects of growing up. Taking inspirations from his personal experiences we see a Californian influence from different sports scenes, skaters and gang culture.

His choice of models perfectly embodied his vision to create a youthful collection with an abundance of attitude. A Boys by Girls favorite, Keith Hernanez (Elite), couldn't be more close to the influences for this collection, bringing his all-american-Bronx-cool to the table.

With more masculine colours this season Samson wanted to create modern street wear with an urban feel. Using a variety of sports fabrics, he brings in different social sides to sports. We saw his trademark oversized tees, fuzzy monster heads, tags shaved into heads expressing individuality, whilst at the same time he brought in a more uniformed approach with sleeked hair, creating a perfect balance of youth culture and the exploration that comes with it.

In collaboration with Elite Model Management London, we caught up with some of the boys. Check out extracts from Keith's interview below.

Keith Hernandez, Elite Models (below).

How are finding this Fashion Week?
Yeah the Fashion Week is good… A lot of running around, getting lost! That’s what you get when you’re going to 4, 5 castings each day!

If you could walk to any song, what would it be?
Wow that’s an interesting question… Oh yeah, it would definitely be “Big Pimpin” by Jay Z! [laughing] Spending G’s!!!

Are you originally from New York?
Yeah, from the Bronx.

Link to full interview on Elite Model Management London Blog available here.

O'Shea Robertson, Select Models (below)

Jake Shorthall, Amck Models (below).

Photography: Cecilie Harris
Illustration: Natacha Malkin
Words: Cecilie Harris

Shaun Samson Feb12_Backstage0
Shaun Samson Feb12_Backstage1
Shaun Samson Feb12_Backstage2
Shaun Samson Feb12_Backstage3
Shaun Samson Feb12_Backstage4
Shaun Samson Feb12_Backstage5
Shaun Samson Feb12_Backstage6
Shaun Samson Feb12_Backstage7
Shaun Samson Feb12_Backstage8
Shaun Samson Feb12_Backstage9
Shaun Samson Feb12_Backstage10
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