LFW: Lou Dalton AW12

29 February 2012

As we stepped out to not just the backstage, but also back in time at Lou Dalton, we were completely seduced by the designer’s love affair with 1940s wartime Britain and the beautiful craftsmanship that went into her creations.

With a strong narrative behind Dalton’s AW12 collection inspired by Tony Richardson's 1961 adaptation of Shelagh Delaney's play of the iconic 'My Private Idaho', we were delighted to revisit such a significant and revolutionising period of Britain's social history.

The casting at Lou Dalton fitted in perfectly with the designer’s take on traditional military uniforms with most of the models sporting a soft side-sweep styled with Soviet style soldier hats. Standing tall in line and dressed in clean-cut British tailoring, the boys fully embodied the spirit of historical wartime soldiers whilst all the backstage onlookers, including ourselves, were all taken by such an incredible spectacle.

In collaboration with Elite Model Management London, we caught up with some of the boys. Check out extracts from Freddie and Lessandro's interviews below.

Max Rendell, Elite Model Management (above and below).

Misha Patel, Elite Model Management (below).

Lowell Tautchin, Elite Model Management (above and below).

Lessandro Reyniers, Elite Model Management (above and below).

Describe what it's like to be on a catwalk?
It is fine, it is just like walking up and down. Ok with the exception that all eyes are on you, of course. I suppose the only annoying thing about being on the catwalk is having to walk past the wall of cameras and being blinded for a split second by all the flashes… Although it can be very useful at times when we have to walk in complete darkness and then you know you have to walk towards all the lights!

Do you have a special 'good-luck charm' that you always take with you to all the shows?
Yes I do, my metro ticket from Japan - I was there for two weeks when the earthquake happened so I consider myself very lucky that I got out unharmed. And it has never left my wallet since…

Link to full interview on Elite Model Management London Blog available here.

Dan Felton, Elite Model Management (above and below left). Thomas Penfound (below right).

Rokas Zilionis, Elite Model Management (below).

Freddie Stoker, Elite Model Management (below).

What is the most rewarding part of your job?
I suppose it would have to be to see the clothes in the stores and on the high-street a year after I was wearing them on the catwalk… Yeah, that is potentially the most fascinating thing about my job!

Describe what it is like to be on a catwalk?
It is very exciting as everyone is looking at you… The nerves kick in just before but then when you're actually doing it, it all goes away. This is only my second season so I still get a little nervous.

Hey at least we get it easy compared to girls… Couldn't even begin to imagine what it's like for them to do it in all these crazy heels!

Link to full interview on Elite Model Management London Blog available here.

Photography: Cecilie Harris
Illustration: Natacha Malkin
Words: Sophia Sabados

Lou Dalton Feb12_Backstage0
Lou Dalton Feb12_Backstage1
Lou Dalton Feb12_Backstage2
Lou Dalton Feb12_Backstage3
Lou Dalton Feb12_Backstage4
Lou Dalton Feb12_Backstage5
Lou Dalton Feb12_Backstage6
Lou Dalton Feb12_Backstage7
Lou Dalton Feb12_Backstage8
Lou Dalton Feb12_Backstage9
Lou Dalton Feb12_Backstage10
Lou Dalton Feb12_Backstage11
Lou Dalton Feb12_Backstage12
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