LCM: The Boys Of Elite Models

19 June 2014

This is a story about the boys at Elite Models London and their LCM adventures. It’s eleven at night and we are still waiting for the Elite boys to return from Paris and get to the Elite offices. Did we say 11pm? One more cup of tea? Alright then. Thanks people of Elite, you are good to us. Your tea is good, and we appreciate no judgments re: our three spoons of sugar.

When Elite invited us to follow their boys around during LCM, we jumped at the chance and thought it would be a great opportunity to give our readers a bit more of an insight into the life of a model during fashion week. We are mostly going to let the images tell the story, but it includes moments of travels between borders, late night visits to agencies, backstage at shows, friendship, the world cup, skateboards, loaded suitcases, showcards, stunning hair and fancy designer clothes.

BBG photographer Sophie Mayanne was the lucky girl. After walking for Topman, Margaret Howell, James Long and Richard Nicoll, she learned that Simon Fitskie owns a studio in Brockley and that his maxim is: “I’m too tired”. His first show was Topman, where he enjoyed the amazing energy.

As the clock neared midnight the troopers in the Elite office provided all the boys the vital information needed, whilst hearing the stories from Paris the boys had brought with them. Matthew Bell entertained with stories about karaoke and something about saving a lady from being robbed? Perhaps he was a hero. Why not, he is that kind of guy.

During our ongoing LCM adventures with the boys of Elite, we ran from place to place, saw the boys get dressed in all sorts of beautiful fashion designs and got all the inside gossip. Pascal Bonvie, used to have a very cute dog, which is now fat. He is a film producer and director and says Art School is like Space Cadets. His favourite word is “Doi”, if you were curious, and gave us a tip that if we were ever to be an extra in a film and have to pretend to be talking, the best thing to say is “rhubarb” over and over again. Thanks Pascal, we’re sure this advise will be of great usage.

Above: Matthew Bell rocking the suspicious look.

Above Right: It's Fashion.

Above Left: Possibly in the honor of our Editor-in-Chief.

Photography by Sophie Mayanne.
Words by Nellie Eden.

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