Christopher Shannon AW13

11 January 2013

The second day of the London Collections: Men brought all new adventures for the Boys by Girls team, one of our favourites being Christopher Shannon’s show. While Cecilie Harris was capturing backstage magic, Hannah and Ieva were observing the new collection on the runway.

The Autumn/Winter 2013 collection entitled ‘OBSESSIVE, COMPULSIVE, RE-ORDER’ was joyously edgy on the eyes, with block colour and an experimental mix of sportswear, knits and shirts. After day two its clear that a key trend for the guys in Autumn 2013 will be excessive layering of shirts, knits and all manners of jackets. This was supersized during the Topman Design show where coats and chunky jumpers were piled on top of each other. Meanwhile Christopher Shannon layered drop hem shirts underneath sweatshirts, pullovers and sporty blousons. So there we go: Layers and layers and layers. Note made, so we can stay cool.

Erik Andersson (FM Models) pulls a Boys by Girls pose without even knowing it.

In the industrial wasteland of the Old Sorting Office in Holborn, the electric blue tones were perfectly highlighted by the dull grey of the concrete runway; while panelled bombers and shirts looked almost futuristic. Collection details that we particularly loved were trouser knees patched with strips of gaffer tape and tails of sweatshirt sleeves dropping below long tops. Shirts with contrast, zip off, puffa-jacket, cobalt blue sleeves were also featured - so many awesome things all on one garment.

Colour was injected in mass with boys sporting entirely black, blue and red looks that, with others modelling near head to toe colour bar chunks of red, white or brown. Blocking also moved into texture with leathers being matched with denim and jersey while knits were combined on chunky staple jumpers with chunky waffle and cable stitches being placed together in vertical bands of two or three.

Other pieces that we are sure will be super popular were the jumble sale style jumpers that looked like multiple knits had been cut into halves and random pieces and stitched back together to create exciting variations on character sweaters. Half face. Half block colour knit. Accidental styles were their perfect description.

The collection was another to also prove that AW13 is the season for stealing the wardrobes of the guys in your life, Girls, so get on it! We particularly wanted the raglan sweatshirt with contrast body and forearm panels as well as the collatborative shoes. For the third time Kickers worked with Christopher Shannon to create a capsule shoe collection. Using a layered version of the traditional Kickers sole, the 'Hike Kick CS' represents the functionality and practicality of a hiking book with a new and unique design. We want them and their coolness.

Backstage the boys were being prepped for the show with slicked hair that sat across the forehead – whilst simultaneously snacking on everything edible in sight. Boys will be boys. The word on the street was that ‘It was cool, man’. Read on for Cecilie's exclusive interviews with Harry Uzoka, Ben Horsfield and Matthew Bell.

Matthew Bell and Anders Hayward (both at Elite Models London) having a cheaky catch up backstage.

Right: Harry Uzoka (Premier Models) finds a peaceful haven before the show.

Jester White (Select Models) and Conor Doherty (Elite Models London) sporting some of the electric blue and deep black tones of the collection.

Felix Branch (Elite Models London) in all his beauty.

We talked to Harry Uzoka (Premier Models) and Ben Horsfield (Elite Models London) to see what they thought of the Christopher Shannon AW13 collection.

What do you think of the collection this year?
Harry: You know what, it's really good. When I went to the casting I was really hoping I'd get this show. I like the bomber jackets and the jumpers and that, they're really cool.
Ben: I think it's really good as well. Chris' stuff is cool. You get shows where you wear stuff you wouldn't normally wear, but most of Chris' stuff I'd wear myself.

That's a great compliment to the designer.
Ben: Yeah. It's really good.

Are you looking forward to the show today?
Ben: Yes. The Christopher Shannon shows are always good.
Harry: Yeah it's a good buzz, it's a good buzz. The space is bigger than normal as well, so I've got more time to like ….. (picture cool poses being shown) haha

haha to do your stuff?
Nah I'm joking. But it's a good space and it looks really cool, so I'm looking forward to it.

So you've been doing a lot of catwalk shows Harry, have you got any catwalk tips?
Harry: You know what, no haha. I feel like I'm going to fuck up every time I go out there, like not be in line or stumble. But then it goes alright.

That was a bit rubbish Harry, what about you Ben?
Ben: I think the best thing to do is not look at anyone, just keep your eyes focused above everyone's head. If you look at people it makes you more nervous.
Harry: That's quite a good advise to be fair. At the last show I was quite serious, now I'm gonna try to do a bit of a sexy smirk for my mum haha. Bit different innit.

Do you have any good stories from the week so far?
Harry: Well I nearly just got weave in my hair. That was pretty interesting.

Could you tell us a bit about the Christopher Shannon AW13 collection from the Matthew Bell perspective?
I haven't properly seen all the collection yet, although the clothing that I tried on looked super cool. I love the shoes in particular, they are so cool! I've also got a cool black shirt with a with a nice pullover jumper with black, white and blue panels. And also these grey trousers.

If there was one item you could steal from the show what would it be?
Definitely the shoes.

Are you excited about the show today?
Yes I am, it should be cool. I have not yet done a show at this location before either, and the lighting looks really cool.

Above right: Daniel Stowe

Photography by Cecilie Harris.
Illustration and Words by Hannah Ficking.

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