Just Kids For Issue 7

18 December 2014

Baggy clothes and your favourite t-shirt. A time where head locks are simply mischief and mud-pies are the cuisine. It's the day your parents have forgotten your curfew, the day where they sit in solitude sharing glasses of wine, blissfully ignorant to the murmur of children's laughter outside.

Darkness clouds the skies as photographer Alina Negoita captures the life inside the laughter for Issue 7. The kids simply run, their unexpected freedom an excuse to start a new game. The flash of the camera decorates the movement, freezing in time the play in Romania that would otherwise be forgotten.

Click, run, click, roll, click, grin.

Just another late night, just one more game, just one more race, just one more grin. Just 5 more minutes and then we can all go home, the flash will go out, the camera will fall quiet, the streets will be empty.

Stay up late and pour over the pages of Issue 7 "Obsessions" to join the kids on the streets in Alina's beautiful documentary series. Run, laugh and learn to play again by getting your copy of our print issue here.

Photography ALINA NEGOITA.

Words by Liz Ord.

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