Jamie Wise On Call (Rise Again)

3 August 2012

Jamie Wise (FM Models) is well English. He drinks a lot of tea. Proper British style. If you've ever dreamt of the very handsome Jamie sitting casually in front of you on a leather sofa, playing one of his songs on his acoustic guitar, prepare to be a little jealous. This is exactly the kind of Boys by Girls moment we had recently. Coming straight from the airport after one of his travels, he had us at "Hello". Again. Looking even more handsome than after our first encounter with him in New York last year (check out previous pretty pictures here), he impressed us playing one of his own songs. But we're nice people, so we will of course share some of all this goodness we talk about! Check out video and images below.

This time we wanted to show him from a different angle, and showcase some of the hidden talents that lives within him. Some of his true passions in addition to his modelling talents and gorgeous looks, lies within music and performance. Cecilie Harris spent a few of hours in the pub with Jamie, talking about his passion for music and checking out a live performance of one of his own songs called "On Call (Rise Again)".

Jamie certainly has a lot of presence. So much that it's hard to let him go when you're done shooting him or interviewing him. You just want to sit and talk to him forever. He is somewhat magic. We'll forgive him for expanding our 1 hour shoot to go on for many hours. Actually, we thank him. It gave us a chance to have a proper catch up, and reminded us that sometimes those moments when you're drinking cup after cup of tea whilst having converations that you simply can't stop, are moments to treasure.

Big thanks to www.masons-arms-battersea.co.uk who let us hang out at their cool pub for ages with Jamie and his guitar. Camera by Cecilie Harris, and video editing by Alex Semenzato.

What have you been up to recently?
I've been travelling a lot between London, Paris and New York this summer doing fashion weeks and several jobs, and I work on my music and other ideas in any spare time I may have.

Modelling, with it's varying hours, luckily gives you the chance to do things you're interested in, so I find myself playing my guitar and writing a lot in the down-time. I love playing music anywhere and time, to anybody! I moved to London originally a couple of years back after getting a degree in performance, and after a little while I fell into modelling. I originally had the idea to move to Los Angeles for acting on a massive whim, but I ended up going to London instead to get a feel for what I might be in for. I love performance in general and the feeling you get when you are performing in front of people, or watching something really amazing. Like when you do Shakespeare. It's so full and rich. Everytime you act Shakespeare you feel this fire, and it's so dramatic and everything feels emphasised. So I was really drawn to performance and how impactful people's presence can be, and how you can communicate with people through performance. Acting is a great way to get into that magic state and a way to really connect with people. It's an amazing state to be in and you feel amazing. During this I was always a singer, and with singing, even if you're all alone whilst doing it, if you're belting out that song, it's an amazing feeling and can bring you to that same state.

How did you learn how to play the guitar?
When I was 14 I had two weeks of lessons, but I didn't connect with it because I wasn't learning anything I could sing. So I picked it up a few years later and taught myself my favourite songs. As a child I was a bit crazed. I had to keep moving and doing different things. I remember my whole childhood being this big fuzz as I couldn't focus on anything. But the one thing I could focus all my energy on was singing and acting. So I was singing all my life, and I started doing musicals and theatre. Then I borrowed my mates guitar for a while and started learning chords. I started by learning one song. Once I could play that I learned another, and after each song I mastered I got better and better. (There's a lot of impromptu guitar playing during this part of the interview which is great for us). Then I started to put the different chords together into new songs.

What do you write about when you're writing songs?
I get to this point where my head is so full of one thing, one feeling or one idea, that it has to come out. Then I start playing and put some chords together, get some frustrations out and words start coming out, just sing whatever I'm thinking.

Is there a story behind the song you have been sharing today?
Every song I write comes from personal experiences or things that have inspired me. Most are written about the way I'm seeing things at the moment, or how a particular experience is playing out in my head.

Music and Acting is like a study of human beings and the things we think and feel, and I love that. I live entirely in my own little world. Some people come in and out of that world. Some people's worlds are so similar to mine that they're almost touching, but I just find it really interesting the way we all interact with each other, and that's mostly the reason I do any sort of performance.

Thanks Jamie for taking the time to come to catch up with us and share some of your wonderfulness.

Jamie captured by Cecilie Harris at the Mason Arms in Battersea.

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