Jakob Landvik For “Lessons”

2 December 2013

This story is about exploring. About a childhood spent investigating the landscapes, building dens, playing games in the the woods and making up fairy tales. What lies behind the infinite rows of trees, what secrets does this place hold and what of ourselves do we leave behind in it? As children, these forests are the birth place of myth and legend, of trolls and nymphs, a place full of innocence and uncertainty. And it is this space that bore home to our story “Secrets” photographed by Cecilie Harris for our new issue “Lessons”.

Photographer Cecilie Harris was drawn to shooting this story in her home country of Norway, a place of which she could relate her own childhood, specifically the woods. Remembering that feeling of excitement and the mystery that came with growing up near such deep, dark and magical woods, she wanted to capture that feeling in this sensitive editorial. Cecilie teamed up with Jakob Landvik (now at Heartbreak Models) who was the perfect boy to tell this story of exploration.

Jakob has an artistic spirit and an expressive soul; he was perfect for this shoot, as he was able to dig deeper into the story and really show the growth from boy to man in these images. He has a brilliant way of including play and exploration into the shoot, bringing in the playful element of his character and showcasing himself as a true story teller. With his long blonde hair and striking lips his features are a dream by themselves, and the fact that Jakob is so comfortable with his femininity allowed Cecilie to focus on his beauty that helped to create these fantasised images.

Stylist Lotte Shephard emphasised the beauty of the Scandanavian landscape by using fabrics and patterns with a Nordic influence. We see Jakob in a thick coat by Norwegian brand Haik, known for their Scandinavian influence. Lotte also brings in pieces from designers Whyred, Filippa K and Carhartt and mixes woolen fabrics with vibrant Sami inspired prints from the north of Norway. These pieces accentuate the beauty of a place far away, a placed dreamed up in the fanciful notion of a child.

To view Jakob’s 8-page story “Secrets” in full, buy our new issue “Lessons” here, out now.

Styling LOTTE SHEPHARD at Pudder Agency
Model JAKOB LANDVIK (Heartbreak Models)

Words by Annie Ounstead.

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