J is for Jaydon

25 June 2015

Eyes that are filled with promise and hope, an inquisitive gaze that flows through the lens and beyond. The body and creases in the clothes fall naturally into a comfortable position as soft movements and subtle emotions express a sense of innocence. Jaydon breezes through each frame and is left unrevealed, leaving your minds to wander.

I'm Vilija Kasiginaite, a fashion photograhy student from Manchester who is currently interning at Boys by Girls Magazine. I spent my childhood in London growing up, but I’ve lived up North for most of my life. I have to say, it took a while to re-adapt myself to London completely. I felt like I had arrived into a different country, a different world in fact. Getting used to the transport and having my whole head planted in the tube map, which they should consider printing bigger (London Underground if you are reading this). I was excited to gain as much experience as possible to prepare myself for the 'real world' of fashion.

My passion for photographing boys occurred simply from collecting menswear magazines. I’ve always loved creating images, but I only just realised I had a preference for the kind of images I actually found myself lost in. I like to document. Whether it’s one person or a group of people, capturing their world produces something special. I just love images that are caught in personal moments. If I’m creating an editorial, I still like to incorporate an element of documentation and I do this by getting to learn as much about the model I can before I shoot. It’s important for me to engage with the model to capture true emotion and intimacy. This is my first ever series featured on Boys by Girls Online and first time shooting in London. Being welcomed with such warmth into an intimate environment has helped me in so many ways. This was the magazine that I found myself constantly referencing back to for inspiration. I knew this was my home. Boys by Girls is a family, and I'm leaving having become a new person.

I captured Jaydon at Established Models in black and white deeply contrasted shots, intertwined with blue and red tones complimenting each other. Snippets of laughter was shared throughout the day, and I wanted to capture Jaydon's youthful presence. Deep converstations and advice about the future, created a warm and trustworthy atmosphere. Zoomed in close-ups highlight the intricate details of his skin, and Jaydon’s mesmerising eyes became a main focus of the series.

Words by Vilija Kasiginaite.

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