Interview with Death At Sea

2 December 2012

Since we are currently in the process of releasing our 4th issue “ A Place Called Youth” the Boys by Girls team have decided that we would like to start expanding even further and feature some beautiful and talented boys in industries outside of fashion as well, including music, film and art. It is with this announcement that we introduce you to Death At Sea.

Fresh from touring the UK (including dates supporting Haim) and hailing from Liverpool, Death At Sea describe themselves as “a dizzy concoction of Sonic Youth, Pavement, The Strokes and Echo And The Bunnymen”. Not only do we agree with this statement, but we can’t stop listening to their recent release.

We are constantly looking for more music to add to our playlist and Death At Sea’s new single “Drag” has made the cut. We got in touch with the band and managed to get ourselves an exclusive interview with them - making sure to quiz them on their music, influences and recent touring life. We were surprised at what they thought was the most beautiful thing in the world, but we can’t complain about their honesty!

Image courtesy of Death At Sea.

Hey Death At Sea, Boys by Girls sends you love!
Hey Boys by Girls! Same to you…

So where does your band name come from, is there an interesting story behind it? If so tell us all about it.
The name came about really because the first songs we wrote all seemed to have this semantic field of water and the sea for some reason. It wasn’t intentional but we noticed it and thought why not stick with the theme.

We like Liverpudlians, do they put something in the water up there to ensure great musicians?
As a city, Liverpool has this great creative buzz about it but we’ve found that recently it hasn’t been putting out as many good bands as it’s known for. There’s still a handful of great bands coming from there, but nowhere near what it used to be when we first moved there.

Who would you say are your main musical influences?
We have loads of different influences really. A lot is drawn from the lofi 80’s and 90’s guitar bands. Smashing Pumkins, Pixies, Sonic Youth, Dino Jr etc, but more modern bands are definitely in the list. Japandroids released an incredible album this year, ‘Celebration Rock’ that hit us pretty square in the face. Managed to catch them live actually a month or so ago, It was a great show.

How would you describe your music to any new listeners?
Big guitars I think, and big harmonies. We never know how to describe our music adequately, but it’s definitely guitar orientated so we’ll stick with that for a description.

We’ve been listening to your Drag/Selfless single, and love it. What is it about?
Thanks very much. It was never intended to be a single or anything, we just wrote it in our living room and recorded it there. We had no idea how it would sound by the end but we liked the result so thought we’d share it and people seemed to like it. It’s about the good and bad sides of relationships I guess… the bittersweetness of it all.

So why did you choose to release your single on a Cassette tape?
We only have a cassette player in our car so it made sense to us to release in that format. I’ve always wanted to release on vinyl so we’re really pleased to have that opportunity to do so.

We heard you’ve been touring, how’s that been?
You hear correctly. We’ve just come off the road with Haim and it has been incredible. It was our first tour so a big learning curve but a great experience. The girls were great road partners and we’d love to play with them again.

What’s been your favourite performance so far and why?
Me personally was Manchester, but Berlin and Cologne were pretty good too. I think it was the crowd, they just gave this extra boost and it stood out from the rest of the shows.

How do you keep yourselves sane when travelling on tour?
I get the laptop out with a good dvd in the back of the bus, just to have some time ‘alone’ but we all cope differently. This was only our first tour so the insanity remedies are probably still being worked out.

Any secret talents we should know about?
One of us draws, and one is actually a pretty good chef.

Where do you as a band hope to be in 5 years time?
Playing our favourite festivals with a couple of albums behind us sounds like a good target right now. We can’t wait to get our first album out next year.

Do you guys have any “get ready” rituals that you have to do before you go on stage?
Actually yes, but we’ll keep that as a Death At Sea secret.

In your minds what is the most beautiful thing in the world?
Fresh socks on tour. No better feeling after a couple of weeks on the road than a brand new pack.

Thanks for the chat Death At Sea! To find out more about the band and have a listen to their new single, make sure to visit their website

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