Girls By Boys For Issue 9

14 December 2015

A soft gaze, a mellow vibe. A face that’s slowly slipping into the deep dark shadows. Blissful surroundings of calmness and the secluded. It’s time to fill up your lungs with crisp air and let the grass run through your fingertips. Take a moment to connect your surroundings and yourself. To listen to the whispers of the wind, the sounds of nature echoing, the complete absence of sound as you sink into your chair with comfortable ease.

Photographer, Nic Shonfeld captures Rebecca through muted tones and unsaturated black and white photographs in an 8-page editorial for Issue 9 “Growing Sideways”. This time the Girls by Boys interpretation takes you to the English countryside; to Rebecca, her chickens and her fields. As she follows each frame with her incredibly laid-back posture, the engagement with the camera lens allows you to imitate. Her abundant locks sweeps across her face, as she continues to hypnotize you through her movement. You may find yourself switching off, drifting into a day dream of the presence of the small preview selection from this story.

Allow yourself to escape into the world of Rebecca in the full story in the new Boys by Girls issue. To view the full editorial you can buy Issue 9, “Growing Sideways” in shops and online.

Photography NIC SHONFELD
Hair and Makeup CAROL MORLEY

Words by Vilija Kasiginaite.

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Girls By Boys_For Issue9_1
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