Four Lullabies For Issue 9

21 December 2015
The astonishing beauty of somebody still asleep; the moments where you can see the vulnerability of a person and the complete calm of the world around them. The stresses of everyday life disappear and everything is still. Remember your parents stroking your forehead and softly humming lullabies and telling stories?
Purple veins running along closed eyelids, steady breaths and loose eyelashes. Cecilie Harris captures 4 boys and their 4 lullabies in connection with her ongoing project around "the lullaby", in a personal and beautiful 10-page fashion editorial featured in Issue 9, ‘Growing Sideways’. Dusty eyed and still half dreaming, these fresh faces exude youth in a nothing-less-than touching way. Soft focuses and vintage wallpaper create nostalgia and take you all the way back to the days of early bedtimes and even earlier mornings.

Cynthia Lawrence-John pulls together patterned jumpers, knitted socks and wooly hats, and the boys bring cosiness back into fashion. As they lounge around the subburban home, you are invited to partake in a more delicate side of them. Let yourself be transported back to your carefree dream world and become lost in this story. Get your hands on Issue 9 here.

Models LOUIS TAYLOR at Tomorrow is another Day, LOUIS BALL at SUPA Model Management, OLIVER HAYES at Milk Model Management, SIMON KUZMICKAS at Established Models
Special thanks to JILL and GRAEME PARRY.

Words by Molly Rose Baker.

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Four Lullabies_For Issue9_4
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