Faces of Summer: Joey Rogers

9 September 2013

Today we bring you another "Faces of Summer 2013" feature in the form of Joey Rogers at Supa Model Management. We were delighted to have Joey back in our HQ since meeting him a few weeks back. Joey’s future in the modeling world is looking rather bright, with only getting signed two and a half months ago with Supa Model Management, he has already walked for Burberry Exclusive and been shot by Rankin. He is most definitely off to a flying start, and we can not wait to see what the future holds for this bright young thing.

Here photographer Cecilie Harris captures Joey in a serene portrait series highlighting the dream-like essence of his personality. Joey can switch from having the whole team in stitches to creating a relaxed and beautifully tranquil atmosphere through the lens, a quality that transends into these stunning images. PC Williams took inspiration from The Dead Poets Society when styling the boys and Joey works with the relaxed tayloring to encapsulate this delicate transition from boy to man.

We stole Joey away for a few quite moments to get to chat with him. He spoke to us about how he found his passion for film making, what he would do if he was king for a day and baffled us with his weird, but wonderful mind. He also taught us a thing or two about room 101 and neighborhood watch.

Hair JOHN MULLAN at Nude Agency for Stone Hair

Above Joey wears; Shorts & Shirt TOPMAN, Jumper & Jacket YMC, Shoes CLAE.

So Joey can you tell us a bit about yourself
Hi I’m Joey I’m 21 and I’m from Supa.

How long have you been modeling?
Just over 2 and a half months.

Only! What shows did you work over London?
In London I did Burberry Exclusive.

Two and a half months and you’ve already got Burberry under your belt..
It’s pretty good ey haha.

Above Joey wears: Bracelet by SHIMLA, Shirt by TOPMAN, Jumper by SAMOE & SAMOE, Shoes by Converse @ Surfdome.

So has that been your highlight?
Yeah that and ahh the general partying really. The free champagne, the Burberry show was great, but the free champagne afterwards was like aahh what a treat!

Pretty jammy, have you done any editorials or campaigns yet?
No campaigns yet, but I was shot by Rankin for Hunger Magazine recently which was pretty cool.

What was he like?
He knows what he wants. He rocks up, he’s like ‘pass us the camera would ya’, then he just gets it done. Bosh. I was like ‘Hi Mr. Rankin, how’s it going?’

Describe yourself in three words.
Sincere, outgoing and fun.

What is your biggest pet peeve?
What like room 101 sort of thing?

You know room 101. You wanna put something in it that you never want to deal with again. It’s like this program, like celebrities go on it and they put stuff in room 101. Like if you hate something, like people on tubes that haven’t used deodorant, you would put them in room 101.

Yeah lets do that then. So is that your pet peeve?
When I used to live up north, we used to get loads of old women knocking on your door asking for money like for you know security like neighborhood watch.

.... what?
You know neighbourhood watch? Where are you from?

The south... Brighton.
Thats ridiculous. You see we’re real up north! haha We have these people that come knock on your doors and are like ‘Hey we’re from neighbouhood watch, can you give us some money?’, and you just think - what are you actually gonna do with that?

If you could go anywhere in the world right this second, where would you go?
I’d go to my uncle's little cabin in Sweden. It’s just really cool in the winter, you can ski and stuff. Right now I’d like to go see him and for him to give me a whisky.

Right ... If you were king for a day,

The King of England, what would be the first thing you would do?
Umm I would... I’d make sure I had a wife, and I would wanna get a festival going everyday. Like every band that I loved would just come chill with me..... or no, they would come and serenade me.

Who would you have?
Brian Jones Town Massacre.

Yeah know them well.
Or the Pixies, you know the pixies!

Of course! In a fight between a shark and a rhino, who do you think would win?
Depends if the rhino plunged his nose into the sharks mouth like a cork and then they would just become one. SharkRhino.

Like the horn in the sharks mouth?
No just in.... Just plug it like a cork in a wine bottle. Bosh. Then they would be one so wouldn’t have to fight.

Haha great. If you were limited to only taking advice from one person you know for the rest of your life, who would it be?
My cousin Nick cause it would be more exciting. It would always be the bad ones. ‘Do this! Do that’ and I would just have to do it. I would get in so much trouble.

What accomplishment are you the most proud of?
Making my first film, which was an animation, really short. It was about a fish on a mission. It was a stop motion about this fish that escapes a shopping bag in the kitchen and he makes it back to the sea.

That’s really sweet. Did you use a real fish?
Well it was dead, but yeah. We had to buy like ten mackreal from Waitrose. Quite expensive film really. Because you have to keep doing it. Move a tiny bit then shoot again. We got an underwater camera as well - just a shitty one and we played it to the great escape music as well. It’s amazing.

Thats hialrious ,is it on youtube?
I think it is actually. Do you wanna see it? It’s really badly made. I don’t know how old I was - 16 or something... (Joey proceeds to taking my laptop and finding the video on youtube).

Is it here?
58 views .. haha .. I don’t even know why it’s on here. How sick is that! (we sit, we watch, we laugh - it’s longer than expected) Many a fish died in the process. Yeah it’s not meant to be a dead fish obviously it’s supposed to look alive. Zombie fish. ‘I’m coming back!’. See we didn’t have a tripod so we were trying to balance the camera without shaking our hands so that's why it’s filmed so bad. The fish jumps on top of the car and then somehow drives to the beach haha! I dunno how he does that... that wasn’t in the script!

Was this for a project?
No no, me and my mates were just like ‘what shall we do today?’ and I said lets go make a film.

So this is the biggest achievement so far in your life then? Not Burberry or...
Haha no it’s not the biggest achievement obviously, but it started something in me that I wanted to do for ages. My achievement was finding what I wanted to do basically.

That was great. Do you know how to fly a kite? Because that’s what you're doing today.
Oh yeah we saw that. Looks cool. Maybe, if it’s already made.

Ok how would your dad describe you?
My dad, probably just like... awesome..

Yeah! Haha no, I was joking. He thinks I’m really musical, he’s a song writer so he loves it. He probably just thinks that I’m like a drop of the old, what is it... the apple from the tree.

Apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree?
Yeah yeah, but that's the saying but what's the ... Oh you know the ... Chip off the old block! (he claps with enthusiasm)

Thanks for that Joey, very insightful. Maybe you could make a film about us escaping to the sea sometime.

Above Joey wears; Shorts & Shirt TOPMAN, Jumper & Jacket YMC, Shoes CLAE. Anders wears; Trousers UNIVERSAL WORKS, Top RAF SIMONS X FRED PERRY, Shoes SAUCONY


Raf Simons X Fred Perry
Samoe & Samoe
Universal Works

Words by Annie Ounstead.

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