Faces of Summer: James G

20 September 2013

Our next featured boy from our wonderful "Faces of Summer 2013" series is the dashing 22 year old James Gatenby at FM Models, photographed by Cecilie Harris. Still in his first year of modelling, James has had a lightning bolt start of his career starting it off by opening exclusively for Louis Vuitton. He also walked for shows such as Fendi, Daks, Songzio, Nicole Farhi, Z Zegna, Songzio, Rag & Bone and Lou Dalton during SS14 fashion weeks. To top it all off James also shot the SS14 lookbook for for Louis Vuitton and has recently shot an editorial for Hero Magazine.

James has a striking look that Cecilie beautifully captured, making his captivating eyes and bold lips jump through our computer screen. James uses the garments he is styled in by PC Williams to his advantage, bringing a school boy beauty and haunting vulnerability that he is able to showcase with his great connection to the camera. We love James for his interesting twist on a classic look, and how he is always able to let the light hit his face just right.

From hitting the books as he studies bio-chemistry, singing loud on stage, and having a passion for writing, James has many interesting sides to his personality that make him more than just a pretty face. (Although we do think his face is quite pretty!) We love that James was able to be part of the day despite of his very busy schedule, after having to run around to different castings in-between the day of shooting. As if by magic, his timing was impeccible. Read his interview below to find out more about the very passionate and beautiful James Gatenby.


Above; James wears Polo-neck BEN SHERMAN, Trousers SUPREME BEING.

James, you were very busy during fashion week weren't you?
Yes, I was very happy, I walked for Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Daks, Songzio, Nicole Farhi, Z Zegna, Songzio, Rag & Bone and Lou Dalton.

And didn't you recently shoot for Hero Magazine as well?
Yes, it is my favourite editorial that I've been in so far. It was in Paris, so it was a lot of fun. Everything I have really enjoyed seems to be in Paris, so I always keep getting drawn back there.

We would love to go to Paris!
And London is a good place for travel, because you can jump on a plane and be in another country in an hour. Where as in Australia, if you drive for 12 hours you're still in Australia!

How would you describe yourself in three words?
Eclectic, engaging and eccentric.

All very good traits! And they all start with an "E", just to randomly note. What are you passionate about?
My passion lies in science. I am studying bio-chemistry at university, and one day I want to be a medical researcher.

I keep hearing about your love for performing! Tell us about that.
At university I do acting and musical theatre. I like to sing, play the piano and guitar. I don't know how good I am at all of it, but it is fun and a way to pass the time. I even think there are a few interviews that I've done where they actually have made me sing.

Oh, we might have to google that!
Yeah, you can probably find them on the depths of the Internet somewhere.

What is the first memory you can remember?
My memory is terrible! The first thing I can remember is when I was skiing with my uncle, and he had to drag me in between his legs because I can't actually ski.

What about the last performance you have done?
The last thing I did was a science review put on by universities. I sang and acted in that, and I also wrote scripts for some of the sketches. I loved it, and got to meet some great people.

What is your favorite type of genre to write?
The scripts that I write are sort of absurdist, very Monty Python. Very British humor, and people saying very silly things.

If you were a movie, what movie would you be?
I would be "The Prestige", because it has mystery and adventure. There is a twist to the story and I think when people first see me they see a science student, but then my twist is that I'm also a model and like to perform on stage.

Who would you want to play you?
I like Leonardo DiCaprio. Because my last name is Gatenby, my nickname has sometimes been Gatsby. So I guess that is appropriate.

Have you seen "The Great Gatsby"?
I haven't seen it! I am a bit of a purist when it comes to books to movie adaptions and I love how the book was written. I will see it eventually because my curiosity will get the better of me one day, just not today.

Do you have a celebrity crush?
Rachel McAdams is very pretty, and she is a great actress.

She is in a lot of Romantic Comedies. Would you co-star with her?
No, I would want to be in a more of a comedy. Maybe even a movie that was very serious and a little bit dark.

How many of your plays have been performed?
I have had two scripts that were performed on stage, and it is always fun to see that come to life! One was called "Why Hades rules the underworld" , it was a take on Hades actually being a really nice guy, with very funny circumstances that put him in charge of the underworld. And then also a video sketch called "Go Son Go". The main thing is people laughed, so I was happy.

Are you writing anything currently?
I have an idea for a science fiction book about a society that is free of money, and it runs completely on trust and social values. Everything is done robotically so there is no need for manual labor. From the main characters perspective there seems to be something very wrong in the small society so he escapes and ventures out into the rest of the world. That is as far as I've gotten, I'm still working out the rest.


Words by Wyatt McCollum.

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