Faces of Summer: Isaac Carew

12 August 2013

We are kicking your week off with the next installment of our "Faces of Summer 2013" features, and we definitely think this one is going to brighten up your Monday morning. We bring you Isaac Carew at Nevs Model Management. If you don’t know the name - you most definitely know the face, as Isaac has featured in campaigns for Hermes, Garnier, Topman, Swatch, Wrangler, Reiss, L'Oreal, Moschino, Burluti and Issey Miyake (and that’s just the tip of the iceberg, folks). He’s had editorials in Elle Men China, 10 Men Magazine, 7th Man Magazine, Dazed & Confused, L'Officiel Hommes, Cogue Hommes and more, and has walked for Paul Smith, YMC, Mr. Start, Francesco Smalto, Hacket and Hermes (just to name a few). We have to add that Isaac charmed his way through our shoot from start to finish, chatting away to everyone.

In this stunning portrait series, Cecilie Harris photographs Isaac in a stripped back and relaxed manner, with soft tones that compliment the calming atmosphere that Isaac brings to the shots. He takes on the true style of the shoot, and shows off the clothes and the dapper young man he is with a wonderful ease.

Isaac isn't just an extremely successful world-wide model, he also started his own T-shirt Company/Charity Mercy & Wild - which gives 25% of it’s profits to charity - first collection focused around Dyslexia Action. Not only is he helping raise awareness for sufferers of dyslexia, but the t-shirts have incredible illustrations which we are absolutely loving! Isaac is an extremly charming over-achiever and didn’t fail to make us blush once or twice throughout the day.

Hair JOHN MULLAN at Nude Agency for Stone Hair
Model ISAAC CAREW (Nevs Models)

Isaac wears throughout; Suit EMPIRES UNION, Shirt BEN SHERMAN, Shoes SUPERGA.

Hi Isaac, how long have you been modeling for now?
It’s coming up 5 years now, which was quite a shock because I was with someone the other day and they asked me that. I said 3, but when I got home and calculated it’s been 5, so that’s quite shocking.

So you're quite a seasoned model now. You know the drill.
Yeah, it’s weird, because I feel like I’ve only been doing it a couple years.

So what is your favorite show you’ve walked in the past year?
Hermes. I do it most seasons and it’s fun, the guys are cool.

And what’s your favorite editorial you’ve done recently?
I’ve just done a story for GQ, I haven’t seen the pictures yet, but I saw a few on the day and I think that it's going to be one of my favourites.

How would you describe yourself?

Apart from modeling, what else are you passionate about?
Cooking, I used to be a chef. I was a chef for nearly 6 years. I trained down in Kent for two years, I’ve always been in a kitchen since I was 12. My dad is a chef and my godfather is a chef. Then I went and worked with Angela Hartnet and Gordon Ramsey, then I went to Cello in Miami for a year and came back to London for a break and got scouted to be a model.

What’s Gordon like?
He is just like any other chef. He would only come in the kitchen a few times a month, with camera crews and stuff.

Why did you want to be a chef?
I’m just passionate about food I guess.

If you were to have the BBG team round for dinner, what would you cook us? Starter, Main course and Pudding. Oh and a Amuse Bouche.
... Amuse Bouche I would do a cold melon soup - is it summer yeah?

Yeah, it’s tonight.
Cold melon soup. Then I would do something cool and refreshing for a starter. Langoustines...no no King Prawns with mango and lime salsa and a baby salad. Then main course - it’s harder in the summer, maybe another cold dish actually. Crab Tiene with avocado and some kind of coriander sauce. And desert, I’m not a big desert man, I never worked in pastry so...you’re not getting desert.

Oh poor us, that’s the best bit!
Ok something easy...what's easy? Eton Mess. There you go. I would make you Eton Mess.

Thank you. That sounds amazing. Ok, what is your biggest pet peeve?
In modeling?

No, in life.
Germs. Even coming on the tube here, I hate it.

What is your biggest strength as a person?
Biggest strength, just to smile, even through troublesome times.

How do you measure success?
That’s hard. The good you do for people around you and not just for yourself. Does that make sense? Kind of not really right..

Yes, that.

If you could have dinner with any three people, dead or alive, who would they be?
Elvis Presley.

Your hair kind of looks like his today.
Yeah thanks. I get told quite a lot that I look like Elvis, just by random people on the tube.

Can you do the dance moves?
Nearly all my shoots they make me like Elvis, Elvis based. So Elvis. Marilyn Monroe, cause she’s a hotty. And my mum. I can’t believe I just went to celebrities, when I could have just said my best friend and my mum. haha

Who is your favorite film character?
The guy who plays "The Talented Mr. Ripley". Not Mr. Ripley, but the other guy.... Matt Damon. It’s a cool character. Kind of strange, but yeah.

Kind of a bit of a psycho.
But in a good way.

What do you find the most beautiful in the world?
Hmmm...I think I would say the ocean.

You lived in Miami didn’t you?
Yeah, right on the beach, and I lived in Sydney for a few months as well, and that was right on the beach. It was incredible. Even if it’s shitty weather you can go for a run and it’s like cleansing. It’s amazing.

What was your favorite childhood hobby?
Swimming. I went swimming like five times a week...why are you smiling?

Because when people say that they mean like play swim don’t they, and thats just not proper...
No, no I used to train when I was young.

What were you like in school?
The only A I got in school was food technology, because that’s what I was passionate about. I'm also dyslexic. History was incredible - loved that class. Food technology incredible. Maths - waste of time, the teacher had no time for me. You dyslexic?

I should give you one of my t-shirts.

Why, what does it say on it?
It’s called Mercy and Wild, it's my charity and I give 25% of my profits to Dyslexia Action. Yeah, have a little look when you’ve got some time.

Tell us a little bit more about your charity..
Basically I’ve got five different illustrations, one on each t-shirt and each one depicts a symptom of dyslexia and that’s my first charity. My second charity is going to be bipolar.

What made you want to do this?
Just use my brain a bit more, not just be a model.

Where can we find these t-shirts?
Online at www.mercyandwild.com.

Last of all, are you looking forward to today?
Of course I am!

What are you looking forward to the most?
Getting a great shot.

Always the professional Isaac. Look out for Isaac on billboards and shop windows this summer, and check out his T-Shirts - we think they're kinda genious.

Words by Annie Ounstead.

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