Faces Of Summer: Harry C

8 August 2013

Hold on to your hats boys and girls, as we bring the third feature of our "Boys of Summer 2013" series, with the remarkable Harry Curran at AMCK models captured by Cecilie Harris. Harry has blown up this past year, taking charge of runways, and catching attention for his fierce look and luscious long locks. During the June Fashion Weeks he walked for designers such as YMC, Ann Demeulemeester, E. Tautz, and Rick Owens. In past seasons we have also seen him walk for Marc Jacobs, Paul Smith, Fusion Margaret Howell, and Diesel, just to name a few! If that wasn't enough, lately Harry has an been shooting editorials for Elle Magazine, Interview Russia and Vogue Russia, and was also a Topman campaign boy.

Harry is one of those boys that you could photograph all day, as he effortlessly flows through each movement showcasing his strong features that give a timeless feel to his look. He has the remarkable talent to bring strong emotion with very relaxed and natural poses. Through each image he is able to let them tell its own individual story, as he adapts to his surroundings and showcase the great styling work by PC WIlliams.

This boy is a kind soul, taking life as it comes his way, and gives out a hug to anyone who needs it (he even has a "Free Hugs" T-shirt). We were also amazed when he told us about his love for drawing, and took out his phone with pictures of some of his sketches. This boy really has a lot of talent! In the included interview he tells us where he gets his inspiration, and how he spent his free time during his first trip to NYC. Harry is always welcome back at Boys by Girls, and we will make sure to have an episode of his favorite cartoon, "Adventure Time", ready to watch.

Model HARRY CURRAN (Amck Models)

Hey Harry, how long have you been modeling for?
It has been a year and two months now.

Did you enjoy the shows you walked for this season?
I did the two coolest shows in Paris, Rick Owens, and Ann Demeulemeester. I also walked for E. Tautz and YMC in London which was pretty awesome as well.

You have such an individual look, have you been doing any exciting shoots recently?
I had an awesome time in New York a few weeks ago shooting for Terry Richardson, for some Lady Gaga brand of water.


Lady Gaga has a brand of water?
Yeah, its called Pop Water, and it is supposed to be some type of low calorie drink. It was pretty awesome to shoot. I also did Vogue Russia and Interview russia, they like me those Russians haha. I also shot a campaign for a sports brand, and a front cover shoot for Elle Magazine.

How would you describe yourself in three words?
Grunge loving hippie.

What is your philosophy on life?
I am pretty laid back, so I don't even think about questions like this. Just be happy, and go with the flow. Do whatever feels right in whatever you do, and be nice to people. Give everyone a hug, or even strangers a hug! I have a T-shirt that says "free hugs", I should have worn it today.

Above; Harry wears Long Sleeve Shirt MARTINE ROSE, T-shirt MOSHIN ALI, Shorts HUMOR, Shoes ASOS.

Do you remember the last thing you dreamt about?
Yeah, I actually have it written down. I started about a year ago writing my dreams down so I can remember them, because I always have such crazy ones!

How perfect! Can you share it with us?
I was in Paris visiting a museum that was this big building, full of moss and decay. I was with a bunch of people I didn't know, but then I strangely saw this girl that follows me on Instagram, so I ran up and gave her a big hug. Next, she handed me miniature size swords, expecting me to role play like we were in an anime world or something! That is the summary of it, I told you they get pretty weird!

Do you always wake up in the morning and write down your dreams?
Well I hate it when I wake up in the middle of the night, and I'm like "that dream was wicked" and then go back to sleep thinking I will remember it in the morning, but I never do. I always end up two days later trying to remember the cool dream I had, but never can. So I write every miniature detail down, and anything that helps remind me of certain things so it all can come back to me later.

Do you ever do anything with all the dreams you have written down?
I use them for inspiration when I draw. I always go back and read what I had dreamt about, and draw scenes from them. My dad is a really good artist, so I have drawn my whole life. I am always drawing something, and not amazing at it but I think I can draw OK.

That is so cool! Are there other things you enjoy drawing?
Most of my drawings are portraits. Whether it is faces from magazines, cartoons, or people in real life.

What are some recent portraits you have drawn?
When I was in New York I took my sketchbook everywhere I went and one day drew a few people who were sleeping on the train. And when I was in Time Square, I sat on a bench and drew every person who sat next to me. I had to draw them really quick, because they would get up and go in like one minute, then when they left and I would turn the page and draw the next person sitting next to me. I did it for like an hour, so I have a sketchbook full of all these peoples faces!

What kind of cartoons do you draw?
I really love Adventure Time, so I draw loads of characters from that show. I should have worn my Adventure Time T-shirt today as well!

To wrap it up, what is something you think everyone should know?
The world needs to know about Adventure Time, and Regular Show, because they are the best cartoons.

Martine Rose
Moshin Ali
Uniform For The Dedicated
Peter Werth

Words by Wyatt McCollum.

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