Exhibition: Growing Sideways

9 January 2016

To take in images on walls. Sipping on your coffee, whilst you embrace their beauty and let their story become part of your imagination. Growing sideways.

Following on from our first exhibition last year, we start of 2016 with our second Photography Exhibition. This time in Barcelona, Spain, in concept store Wer-haus, which will host the launch of our Issue 9 Print Collection, with an exclusive Photography Exhibition "Growing Sideways". The exhibition will be held in the gallery of Wer-haus Barcelona on Wednesday 13th January 2016, hosting all eight images from the collection curated from our latest issue. Every growing sideway-ers dream, right?

The perfect home for the Boys by Girls images, Wer-haus will beautifully display the Boys by Girls print collection, sitting amonst carefully picked brands in their multibrand store, each one a coherrent, fluid expression of visions and stunning design. From clothes to a mouth-watering cafe - and book-shelves with magazines, it has everything you could simply need. Right in the middle of this, will be Boys by Girls, as the store will also be stocking our latest print issues. Celebrating this, we welcome you to visit the exhibition in their art gallery with us this Wednesday in Barcelona. Breathe in our images and feel the stories that unfold in front of the lens of our female photographers.

Wer-haus will be the first store in Barcelona to stock our print issue, which is great news to all our Spanish readers. So all you lucky enough to be living in the sunshine, will now also be able to buy Issue 9 "Growing Sideways" as well as reveling in it's eye-catching contents hanging delicately from the wall. Pretty cool huh? Editor-in-Chief, Cecilie Harris, will be on hand for anyone who wants to know more about the images, or to simply enjoy a drink with you. We look forward to seeing you there.

5 reasons why you should visit the Exhibition:

  1. The sun shines in Barcelona. You could see some beautiful Boys by Girls photographs, and catch some good old Vitamin D.
  2. Wer-haus is also a super cool concept store. You could do some shopping, and then hug your issue whilst you inhale some coffee bean fumes. Delightful, no?
  3. You could pretend you're going on holiday at the same time. Everybody needs a fabulous excuse to go abroad (and it's even better if you get to read Boys by Girls on the plane on the way back. Warning: Carrying Boys by Girls on a plane may cause people to read over your shoulder.)
  4. Wer-haus is the first EVER store in Barcelona to stock us. That's a pretty cool revelation to see (and take photos of and Instagram).
  5. You can come to the exhibition, stand in the middle of the room, look up to the sky and grow sideways. Everybody needs to grow sideways.
BBG_Wer-Haus_Exhibition_Growing Sideways2
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