English Afternoons

13 April 2016
With your arms thrashing around and knees up high, you jump around like your feet are on fire. The pain, oh the pain, of those damn pebbles. You forgot your flip flops again. There's sand under your nails and a few gritty bits in your eyes, but that sea breeze has hit you and the seaside fever has impacted you again. It's good to be back.
Seeking out the flat stones that will skip along the water better than your friends', begging your parents for a 99p whippy ice cream and then the race against time before the cone become soggy (eventually giving way to sticky hands). The flake was always the best bit. The seaside was a special place.
Matthew Clavane at D1 Models is photographed by Nicola Collins as he indulges in his memories of the seaside. The wind envelops him like warm towel as you come out of the sea. It tugs and pulls at each strand of hair like a child simply not wanting to go home. Matthew awakens his inner child, but greets it with elegance and mystery; a new story to add to the collection. You’re taken on a journey with Matthew, you're there with him, and that smile on his face is now on yours.
Chunky jumpers and heavy denim jackets are perfect for those cold English afternoons. That sharp chill when the crisp air hits makes walking across the beach that little bit harder, but also enables the memories to stay just that little bit longer. Bliss. Teena Collins combines textures and neutral tones within this series, complimenting the softness of the photography and personality of Matthew. Come, let's go on an adventure.

Above Right: Jacket by LEVI'S.

Above Left: Jacket by LEVI'S, Coat by AQUASCUTUM.
Above Right: Jacket and Jeans by LEVI'S, Coat by AQUASCUTUM.

Above Left: Vintage Vest, Trousers by MARC JACOBS.
Above Right: As before.

Above Left: As before.
Above Right: Jumper by DIOR HOMME.


Words by Savannah Liu.

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