Emil At View Management

12 June 2013

We love this image series of the beautiful Emil Andersson from View Management. Originally from Sweden, Emil now calls Barcelona his home. His long hair and megawatt smile definitely makes us swoon, and wish we were in Spain. Despite the grizzly weather on the day, Emil brightened up the shoot with his great energy and friendly attitude that we can definitely feel in the pictures. We pretty much like everything about this boy; the hair, the eyes, the lips, the jaw and his spirit! PS. We also love his dog. A super cute combination.

Photographer Josefina Cervero creates a wonderful mix of powerful and playful elements in this series of images. We love her ability to pull out both the serious and spirited Emil. Her images are both beautiful and simplistic, and we love her use of black and white creating a serene atmosphere, whilst the colour images give an edgy feel to the final result.

Débora Traitè styles Emil in Fall/Winter 13/14 styles, using casual street style elements in a perfect mix for this natural and relaxed story. Everything says cool in all the right ways. With statement pieces from Fred Perry, G-Star and Custo Barcelona, we let the eye indulge in styles we'd all like to wear.

Above: Shirt and Sweatshirt by H&M

Above: Jacket and Hat by H&M, Pants by G-STAR, Boots by SENDRA.

Above: Shirt by CUSTO BARCELONA, Jacket by FRED PERRY, Pants by G-STAR, Boots by SENDRA.

Above Right: T-neck by CUSTO BARCELONA, Pants and Belt by H&M.
Above Left: Shirt by FRED PERRY, Cardigan by TOMMY HILFIGER, Pants by CUSTO BARCELONA, Shoes by BALLY vintage.

Above: T-shirt by AMERICAN VINTAGE, Jacket by FRED PERRY, Pants by G-STAR, Hat by AMERICAN APPAREL.


American Apparel
American Vintage
Custo Barcelona
Fred Perry
Tommy Hilfiger

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