Dancing Shadows

16 December 2015

Have you ever encountered that moment where your mind is doing overtime? Every time your eyelids shut you’re introduced to a series of made up scenarios, like stereoscopic images viewed through a camera that looked like a pair of binoculars as a kid. Your heart pounding out of your chest, your mind racing, your head starting to rotate. You want to disconnect from the world and run away from the thigns that are chasing you. It’s time to temporarily block your vision, to be present in an open space where you can empty your thoughts.

Through a story crafted from Impossible's Instant Anologue, photographer Sophie Mayanne captures Alexander Beck at IMG Models. Alexander is captured in snippets of rhythmic movements frozen in time, while his mind dances, his eyes continously shut. Like contemporary dance, it’s raw, it’s unstructured. It’s all about feeling and interpreting the music. Everyone has that thing they do, that de-stresses them, re-fuels them, and allows them to release the insane to keep them sane.

Styled by Samuel Gallagher, the action shots of this character unveils in long unbuttoned coats (easier to twirl in) and casual sleeveless tee’s. Joel Babicci is responsible for the bed head look, as he creates tousled locks to complete, helping you find those snippets that regain your sanity.

It’s just you, alone, dancing with your shadows.

Above: Top by ALEX MULLINS, Trousers by KENZO.

Above: Coat Stylist's Archive, Jumper by ALEX MULLINS, Jeans by KENZO.

Above: Coat by KENZO, T-Shirt by JEAN PAUL GAULTIER.

Above: Coat Stylist's Archive, Jeans by KENZO.


Instant Analogue by Sophie Mayanne using IMPOSSIBLE.
Words by Vilija Kasignaite.

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