Cameron and Kris For Issue 9

18 December 2015
When you are with someone you love, you become twice the person. Twice as powerful. Twice as productive.
You memorize the smell of his breath, the way his breath speeds up and slows down and you do it all without ever needing to try to know them, it just comes so naturally, and you skip every class you have that day just to memorize a little more, because it's the best thing that you know.
We think the way Cameron and Kris feel for each other is precious, and if you delve deep into Issue 9 "Growing Sideways" you will see every angle we wanted to relay to you, every thing that they see in each other, caught up in an image to be kept for a little bit longer. Lauren Withrow spends her day with them blending into the background, as she observes the games they play with each other, the affection that becomes routine, the familiar touch observed through images.
So how about you skip today and lie around with that kid? The one that you have an affinity with, the one you have an inkling that you might just like. To revel in Kris and Cameron's beautiful love story, pick up a copy of Issue 9 in shops or via our website. There are more beautiful images to see.

Boys CAMERON LEE PHAN and KRIS KIDD at 7 Artist Management

Words by Liz Ord.

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