Broken Shadows

5 February 2016
In a place where loneliness fills the entire atmosphere comes time to reflect. From fine times to the darkest of places, the reflective mind dangerously drifts to and fro, causing a complexity of emotions. Shadows hug the body, and only time can tell when a person would ever break away from their own ones.
The mixture of the optimistic Californian sun creeping onto the haunted vibes of a setting that resembles Bates Motel, introduces Sam Evans (Next Models) in a mysterious sight. The model/actor performs as a misunderstood character, shifting his body wherever the light beams. It is as if he craves warmth, an opportunity, or something beyond that. As he steps outside, he pensively gazes into space, feeling exposed in the strong light asking himself, 'Where is my mind?'
Photographer Shaira Luna explores shadow play, utilizing natural sunlight to cleanse all the artificialness around Sam, focusing on a more raw viewpoint. Monochromatic tones and unbaited softness highlight the elegance and calmness of his surroundings. The folds of his turtleneck top, wrinkles of his jacket, and beautiful jawline clearly bring out the crisp and natural quality of Shaira’s photography in this series.

Words by Nicole Chui.

Sam Evans_Shaira_01
Sam Evans_Shaira_02
Sam Evans_Shaira_03
Sam Evans_Shaira_04
Sam Evans_Shaira_05
Sam Evans_Shaira_06
Sam Evans_Shaira_07
Sam Evans_Shaira_08
Sam Evans_Shaira_09
Sam Evans_Shaira_10
Sam Evans_Shaira_11
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