Bradley Phillips For Issue 10

16 May 2016

Ever have those days where you really need to hug a pug? Ever have those times where you feel like no one will ever understand you like your dog? The slobbery embrace of a welcoming face that greets you with the joy that no one else does. An unconditional look that comes with no words, assures you that everything is going to be okay and a belief that they fully understand exactly how you feel. The same warmth of the sun on the back of your neck. This is a brief teaser from issue 10's story of a boy and his beloved pets.

“I would describe myself as kind, lively, sensitive, outgoing and fun”. From the moment we met Bradley Phillips at Milk Model Management, Tilly (our Boys by Girls office cat) revealed the special connection he has with animals, falling asleep on his shoes after some serious cuddles. For Issue 10, Sophie Mayanne documents the absolute bond between a boy, his family and his dog. “I’d like to be a dog, but be treated very well and spoilt like my dogs. My little pug Summer gets everything she wants, she is so cute! I used to work in a pet shop near my house and would take her with me on a daily basis.”

We constantly search to find the thing that brings us passion and excitement - the thing that makes us grow beyond the person we were yesterday. What we sometimes forget is that the very thing we are searching for is in our own home. A family is equally strongly supportive as it is annoyingly frustrating. The people who make us into the person we are today, they are the ultimate muse.

To read the full interview with Bradley, see 10 pages of pretty images and continue the exploration of what others define the term ‘Muse’, you can now buy Issue 10 online and in selected stores now.

Grooming YUSUKE MORIOKA using Bumble and Bumble
Model BRADLEY PHILLIPS at Milk Model Management

Words by Tim Sprague.

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