Boys vs Girls: Spot The Hot Guy

14 June 2013

For one whole day in the BBG offices, it was Boys VS Girls, in a competiton that would test the team's abilities to find boys that had model potential. The two teams ventured out into sunny London to see if they could find any new talent amongst shoppers, tourists and native Londoners that fill central every day. Follow the adventures of the two teams below, see who they found and then tell us who you think should win via Tumblr and Twitter. This competition is about model scouting and answering the ancient question of who is best; boys or girls. Let the competition begin!

The Girls: Hannah and Ieva

As soon as the sun came out on the day of the challenge, the Boys by Girls team couldn't think of anything other than escaping the indoors, venturing out of the office and basking in the luke-warm sunshine. What better reason to do this than scanning the crowds for potential hotties? Soak up the rays and simultaneously discover some beautiful new talent in London Town. Needless to say, "The Girls" were more than a little bit excited for their scouting adventure. The pressure was on to beat the boys, and surely the girls (with our months of BBG experience, keen eyes and general single-ness) would win.

We quickly decided to start central, meeting outside Topman on Oxford Circus and setting our eyes to “hunt”. Realising that this was the boy’s plan, we made the decision to venture in to Soho and find those boys that shunned away from mainstream fashion like vampires that shun away from the light. Our first sighting came at the top of Berwick Street Market, where we caught a glimpse of a rather stunning boy on a bike. Not only could we see his cheekbones from a distance (win), but he appeared to have great fashion sense too (ultimate win). Unfortunately by the time we had started after our mystery man, the bike had beaten our legs and he was disappearing around the corner, into the depths of Soho. Despite the disappointment, we were confident in our logic that where there was one hot guy, there must be more!

Diving into the hustle and bustle of Oxford Circus.

Onwards into Covent Garden we found ourselves unable to stop searching whilst on our lunch break. Thus we positioned ourselves on the monument at the centre of Cambridge Circus for optimal viewing, and waited for the boys to come to us. Out of the corners of our eyes we spotted them, two beautiful boys, and before we even had time to think we were rushing across the road (nevermind the cars) and introducing ourselves. Unfortunately we quickly discovered that we had found ourselves two boys that were already signed. The first was the lovely Aston, a new boy at Premier Models who had entertained the Boys by Girls team with his tales of getting lost in Amsterdam, when we'd had him in for his BBG portraits. The other, Nic Smith, is one of the current faces of Topman. We knew he looked familiar!

After two hours of hunting, we were still left without any new faces. Not such great news for the Girls Team (especially as the Boys had already tweeted a picture of one of their own discoveries). Just when we thought all hope was lost, we saw him… cycling straight past us, he stopped at the traffic lights ahead. It couldn’t be… could it? YES, it was the boy on the bicycle from earlier. In that same moment we spotted another hottie standing outside SNOG frozen yoghurt: Should we go for the boy on the bike or the frozen yoghurt boy?! Making a split second decision we dashed after Bike Boy and introduced ourselves.

His name was Jaco. We fell in love faster than we thought we ever could. And ok, so he was already signed with Select Model Management, but clearly we were on the right path!

Left: Our wonderful SNOG boy Tom Webb from Nevs Models.
Right: Ultimate charmer and Bike Boy, Jaco at Select Model Management.

After meeting the wonderful Jaco we ventured back towards SNOG in search of the second boy we had seen… Alas! Another model already signed, this time Tom Webb from Nevs Models (BBG tip: all the cute guys work at SNOG) and while we hadn’t fulfilled our aim of finding an unsigned boy as of yet, once we mentioned that we were from the magazine we were supplied with free frozen yoghurt and smiles from the boys – perfect for the hot weather that day!

Realising that our search for unsigned boys was failing dismally, we headed back to Topman where the Boys Team had been having more luck. Deciding to change our strategy, we started boy hunting inside the shops, hoping that those guys with good style would fit the bill. It was here that we encountered the many problems that come with model scouting. Mostly we found ourselves prevented from approaching guys because of pointless (ok not that pointless) reasons. Some of these included the important life questions:

- Is it ok to go up to a guy with a massive group of male friends who will almost definitely laugh at you?
- Do we interrupt a boy enjoying tea in Soho?
- And finally the ever difficult dilemma: Do we wait for him to get off the phone and in some cases follow him until this happens?

We now realise that if they're really great, the answer is always yes. The embarrassment is worth it.

Catching up with our favourite AMCK boys!

After going up to yet another signed model, this time Jack Burke from D1, we were almost ready to give up. And then we bumped into Yemi from AMCK, the boy from LCM who got the BBG team addicted to warm cake and ice cream. With nothing to do, he announced that he was coming with us and suddenly we ended up with a new member in our team (this was not cheating). With this new addition in Yemi, we felt the need to win more than ever. Yes, now it was officially ON.

It would appear that, like London buses, male models come in groups and once we started spotting the guys who were already signed, we just couldn’t stop. Soon we were bumping into more familiar faces than ever! Another important lesson we learnt that day was that Yemi KNOWS EVERYONE. Literally. So after 5 minutes in his company we weren't even surprised to bump into what felt like half of the AMCK guys. Last time we had seen Mac and Ashton was at the BBG Issue 5 Casting. Reunion!

Convincing us that all of the hot boys go to Hollister, we followed Yemi to his place of work. While we once again didn’t find anyone new, we did catch Aaron Gatward at Select in Hollister’s underwear section, buying a cheeky present for his girlfriend. Definitely one of the more surreal moments of the day!

Our first new face of the day: super cute fencer Maarten! to vote for Maarten like or repost here

Finally we ended up meeting two wonderful boys who were unsigned. YES! Clearly Yemi was our good luck charm, as our confidence and 'approaching-boys' abilities soured. The first we met near the arcades by Green Park and was accompanied by his family. Tall, blond, from the Netherlands and generally adorable, we thought we might have hit the jackpot. Yes, we were very happy to meet 16 year old Maarten indeed. Although slightly awkward that we'd interrupted his family holiday, we felt that he was worth it, with those cheekbones and that even cheekier smile of his. We also learnt that Maarten is a fan of fencing and was at one point ranked 12th in the Netherlands. Guess he's pretty good!

Feeling that Central London had nothing left to offer us, we headed East to Westfield Stratford in the hope of finding one final boy. And oh did we find one! After only 10 minutes of being in the shopping centre we met him in Topman and loved his look immediately. Not only did he have great style but 17 year old Pascal Reitmeier from Germany had one of the best jaw lines we'd seen all day. We also discovered that along with a great look, Pascal is also a budding designer, even wearing trousers of his own design when we met him. He told us how he had learnt to sew from his mother and now customises his trousers with patched fabrics, puts outfits together and coordinates the fabrics to go with the rest of the outfit. We definitely loved his look and think that his plan to start selling his designs to friends is brilliant. In fact, we think that he should definitely sell his designs in London, and obviously come over to model too.

The boy with the ultimate jaw line and world's coolest trousers, 17 year-old Pascal. To vote for Pascal like or repost here

At the end of a (very) long day, us girls had only managed to meet two boys, but two rather wonderful boys indeed. And while we had near enough failed in our goal to meet every guy in london with model potential all in one day; we'd had some amazing adventures, a whole bunch of laugh out loud moments and bumped into some great faces along the way. Thus, we can only pronounce the day an ultimate Boys by Girls success... and then some.

The Boys: Darrell and Jackson

Competition was fierce at the BBG HQ as both the boys team and the girls team embarked on their scouting journey. The boys team were also on the lookout for talent and talent is what they found!

Starting at Topman, Oxford Circus, our luck seemed to have run dry only finding one potential boy. First boy was Thomas, 21 years old from the North, wearing KG shoes and a Chanel watch (#10points for cool designer gear!). He told us the ideal place to take someone on a date would be an art gallery, how sweet.

Topman is the ultimate destination for attractive boys to shop so we expected to find lots, however unfortunately that wasn’t the case. For all we knew, the girls were far ahead of us and the competitive side of the BBG Boys team was raging high (friendly competitive side of course).

The boy who likes the crack his toes - 16 year old Matthew. To vote for Matthew like or repost here

We didn’t back down, we hung around Oxford Circus for a while and all of a sudden a flood of boys seemed to appear. Seriously, at some points we were chasing guys down the road whilst trying to withhold a not so desperate-rushed approach! As boys crossed the roads we stopped them in their tracks and seeing the smiles on their faces when we asked if they were a model was priceless, and then the smiles on our faces when they said no… one to us! We even bumped into the brother of Boys by Girls editor, Georgie Wileman; such a small world! We took some details down, took a few pictures and got to know these charming young boys a little more.

Rodney, 18 years old - his perfect day would be taking a girl to T.G.I. Fridays! To vote for Rodney like or repost here

Next stop: Covent Garden. A place as big as Covent Garden we were so sure that we had to find some amazing talent here. We met 16 year old Matthew here all the way from Edinburgh. He told us he can crack all of his toes – nice! Eyes were like hawks and our heads were firmly in the game. Sadly, the place was a little dry! Although we did hang outside a restaurant for about 30 minutes debating on whether to approach one of the waiters… is that weird? They started to notice us lingering so we panicked and walked off… yes we totally deserve to lose brownie points for that. We were scanning the streets whilst the BBG Girls team were having free ice cream at Snog (we were envious, so not fair!).

Mid-way through scouting in Covent Garden, we were approached by a crowd of very friendly French girls! Not quite what we wanted to attract, but we weren’t complaining. We took a few moments to enjoy being showered in compliments before getting back to looking for potential model talent.

20 year old Flynn with the room that smells of jam doghnuts. To vote for Flynn like or repost here

We then decided to head back to Oxford Circus after a few hours and hit Carnaby Street despite already visiting there once. To our surprise it seems late evening was the perfect time for some quality scouting. The talent came flooding in, boy after boy popped up and it seemed like the girls didn’t stand a chance (ha!) We met Flynn, 20 years old, who told us his perfect date would be to the all-star bowling alley on Brick Lane and that his room smells of Jam Doughnuts. We also met Michael who was dressed nicely in Zara and Cheap Monday.

All in all it was a successful day and we loved meeting each one of those lovely model talent we found!

Who wins? You decide!

We'll put up the pictures of our new boys on Tumblr and all you need to do is "Like" and "Reblog" your favourites; the boy with the most notes wins! We will then invite the winner to our headquarters for an interview and some pretty photos.

Girls Team:
Photography by Ieva Blaževičiūtė
Words by Hannah Fickling

Boys Team:
Photography and words by Darrell Larkin and Jackson Frederick

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