Boys To Watch: London AW16

8 January 2016

Fast fashion, fashion that saunters down the runways, cascades through Instagram and is a season old in a flash. Faces cast in the season's latest offerings, fresh faced nuances and the more seasoned walkers. London Collections" Men is upon us again, our eyes soon to be fixed on all the goodies of AW16.

We've handpicked 16 of the faces to watch this season, and playing par to the world of fast fashion, we challenged the boys to express their personalities raw and simplistically using Impossible Instant Anologue film. Photographed by Sophie Mayanne, it is instant, beautiful and simply as it should be (just how we like it, no retouching!). Stylist Vincent Pons completes the casual 'I-woke-up-like-this' looks with shirts from A.P.C, jumpers by Esk, and even a pink jumper that makes Daniel Beties (Next) feel just like a piece of candyfloss (not helping the fact he is already all too used to being mistaken for a girl).

We find out more about Jack Price (SUPA) and his bunny rabbits who'll be listening intently when he returns with his stories from fashion week and Lucas Satherly's (IMG) nostalgic ambiance in the boxing ring. Vivien Lawson (Premier) gifts us with some philosophical wisdom, and feelings are intricately placed as the boys each share facts that you really do want to know about them (we promise).

Above: Lucas wears Vintage Shirt.

Lucas Satherley, 20, IMG London

At the ripe old age of 3, Lucas knew the name of every dinosaur going (the actual scientific names aswell. T-Rex anyone?), before changing the roaring sound of dinosaurs for the boxing ring. After his matches finished, philosophy was the next thing on his mind, before he was gobbled (that's 3 year old scientific terminology) up by the world of modelling.

Above: John wears Coat and Jumper by A.P.C.

John Meadows, 20, SUPA Model Management

Imagine that you're minding your own business on the toilet in a train station - you walk out and you're scouted (yes, that actually happened). John loves munching on strawberries, but can't do so in Greece for riding a quadbike without a helmet. (Who knew?)

Above: Daniel wears Jumper from Stylist's Archive.

Daniel Berties, 18, NEXT London

Daniel is the boy who is probably better looking than your girlfriend. Now and then (or every other day) he gets mistaken for a girl, and could very well be the world's next best lion tamer (that's a lie, obviously). He spends his spare time writing all things Biology on Quantum Walrus (where you can read genius and educational stuff like "Bever fever" and "How shrimp weaponise physics"), and his first pet was much cooler than yours (not really, it was a earwig).

Above: Jack wears Shirt by Tonsure.

Jack Price, 23, SUPA Model Management

When Jack isn’t in Cornwall cuddling his pet bunnies Bun and Fifi, you might find him surfing or cooking (that’s his thing). He once won an all expenses paid trip to the football world cup, “and I don’t even like football!”.

Above: Kalam wears vintage T-Shirt by Comme des Garçons.

Kalam Horlick, 16, Elite Models London

Kalam likes long walks in the Welsh countryside whilst eating chocolate raisins (it's almost good enough to be on a dating profile). He has also had his appendix removed, which was almost as dramatic as when it happened in the film Madeline. He was scouted at Boardmasters festival, which his mum had something to say about (are you chatting up my son?)

Above: Vivien wears Jumper by Jac + Jack.

Vivien Lawson, 20, Premier Models

Vivien can probably catch the Rugby ball, but admits that he wasn't the best. Something to do with everyone being twice the size of him, but that's OK - because his word is now filled with Philosophy. He does this all whilst tuning in to Radio four's shipping forecast.

Above: Mees wears Jumper by Martine Rose.

Mees Visser, 20, Elite London

Mees was wearing his favourite t-shirt on the day of this shoot. His favourite t-shirt didn't make the cut..... sad times. A collector of records and trainers, Mees has visited Portugal holidaying every year since the age of 4.

Above: Abolajai wears Jumper by Esk.

Abolajai Oshun, 15, AMCK

Abolojai's name is so long his parents call him BJ. He also had a gross fact or two to share - which includes that he sometimes sweats from his nose. Lovely. He is allergic to crabs (the ones with pincers that swim in the sea).

Above: Reece wears T-Shirt by Gant Rugger and Shirt by Martine Rose.

Reece Seymour, 17, Select Models

15 cups of tea with half a teaspoon of sugar. Yes, that's exactly what Reece drinks each day. He also believes you should probably spend five hours a day watching (funny) videos on YouTube. His cheeky smile is also getting braces for the second time in February.

Above: Merse wears Turtleneck by Berthold.

Merse Molnar, 19, D1 Models

Merse is the empathetic bookworm, he has feelings - and likes to delve into the different lands the fabulous worlds of books offer. He also enjoys a meat-free diet. (The official name for that is Vegetarian).

Above: Asbjorn wears Jumper by Esk.

Asbjorn Appleby, 18, MILK

Asbjorn hates Mondays. So do we. Also, imagine being the tallest person you know? Who would you look up to then? Sleeping is also one of his favourite things, so Monday's should probably be dedicated to sleeping instead.

Above: Nathan wears Jumper by Jac + Jack.

Nathan Fry, 17, AMCK

Nathan has a twin sister who doesn't look anything like him. No twin tricks, then. He likes the odd party here and there, and has two Bull Mastiff's christened Holly and Mia (cute).

Above: Charlie wears T-Shirt by Berthold and Jumper by Martine Rose.

Charlie Shaw, 17, Premier Models.

Charlie' has been scouted twice (more than you and I have). Both times he was on a school holiday in different countries. He has his very own dog-walking business, and in between whiles he is a self-proclaimed graffiti artist.

Above: Dylan wears Vest by Topman Design.

Dylan Johnstone, 16, Elite London

Dylan already knows how to vibe, producing garage music from the age of 14. When he's not on top of the decks, he is on top of the water - with 14 gold medals from rowing. However, it's not all rosy-gold, he accidentally failed his Spanish GCSE.

Above: Tibor wears Shirt by Sunspel.

Tibor Heskett, 16, Elite London

When the fireworks lit up the sky on the 5th November a small Tibor believed all this magic was just for him. Fluent in Chinese Shang hai, he is also musically apt. (Piano, drums or guitar anyone?)

Above: Johnny wears vintage T-Shirt.

Johnny Allen, 18, IMG Models

It's a hard life looking like a painting. No, really it is. Before he resigned to resembling a painting, Johnny used to be in a band called "Tainted Of The High" at the very Rock'n'Roll age of 9. To make himself even more cool, he also knew how to beat you at a game of poker. (This was also when he was still a kid).


Words by Sophie Mayanne.
Special thanks to

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