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18 July 2013

Boys by Girls has the pleasure of meeting great boys each week, some of them stand out of the crowd and make an immediate impact on us. We get to know each of them for either their prankster, sweetheart, flirtatious, or spontaneous ways, and we love keeping up to date on their shenanigans on a regular basis. What better way to do that than Twitter! We get the inside scoop on what castings they are queuing for, entertaining selfies, learn about their favorite new songs, or how crazy last night was for them.

We thought that we couldn't possibly keep all of this fun to ourselves, so we have made this very easy for you and put all the cuties in one fantastic list titled "Boys" on our Twitter! You can subscribe to that HERE. No more having to worry about keeping track yourself of them all, we will keep adding all our favorites to the list. And feel free to message us with more boys to add.

Don't just take our word for how entertaining the boys are, and never underestimate the endless amount of time you can waste of your day getting completed wrapped up in what these male models are up to. See some examples below of what makes us giggle. Inspired by the list the guys over at featured recently, we thought we'd come up with our own recommended list of who we enjoy following. From all the laughs at the office recently, we know you will get a giggle or two out of these boys' tweets plus all the others on our Twitter "Boys" list. Click to follow the list.

Matthew Bell
We have had a long term obsession with Matthew's breath-taking features and witty personality all since his first days of modelling. That must be the reason he has been featured in practically all of our issues!

We never know what to expect next from this boy, but we are sure happy we follow him on Twitter. For example; Matthew will give his followers an accurate weather forecasts, and help us be fashionably ready for the day.

He talks us through his hard working days.

And shares very deep and profound insights into his personal thoughts.

He brings the fun back into "Show-and-Tell"

Charlie Mills
We first met the charming Charlie at our shoot last year for "Faces of Summer" and couldn't resist shooting him again at his home. You can't get enough of Charlies positive energy and infectious personality. We always learn from Charlie, like realizing the importance of recycling.

Or even simple ways to reduce your energy bills this summer.

And most importantly Charlie is full of important life advise, and will always make any girl feel she is beautiful just the way she is.

Sebastian Sauve
We had the pleasure of photographing Sebastian in Issue two "Closer" and was also on featured our cover. We follow him to keep up with his cute face during all his travels of self discovery. Sebastian continues the search of finding finding out who he is, and has been meeting some pretty influential people.

Maybe he still needs to continue searching.

Either way, Sebastian always exudes self confidence that he is on the right track.

Fionn Creber
We discovered the lovely Fionn at the beginning of this year at London Colletions Men, followed that with a lovely portrait series, and are now excited to have him in our upcoming issue. He has a sarcasm and wit that keeps us entertained all day. We love learning about the action packed days he has.

He also really loves getting to know people for who they are.

Fionn also knows the improtance of a hard days work.

Harry Uzoka
Harry has charmed the pages of issue number one and two, making him a favorite from the beginning. We love his sweetness and clever ways. Harry is very selfless.

He knows how to relax.

Sam Lawson
Sam was in issue two, and since then we have fallen totally in love with his personality and sense of humor. We hope to remember what band he told us he likes?

If you need a reason to follow Sam, we will give you the only one you need.

Anders Hayward
Anders is our new obsession, after shooting him for a digital story "The Boy Doesn't Live Here Anymore", and then featuring him in our next issue. We are completely in love with the way he connects with the camera, and love that he is always so commited to his characters.

But always stays true to who he is.


Luke Worrall
Luke is seen regularly in our print issues and is the epitome of cool. We love this skater boy on Twitter, and always appreciate his "Good Morning" tweets. He is a man of many words.

And always fills us in on his latest exciting news.

Samuel Harwood
We shot Sam in a digital series called "Suit up," and instatly pegged him at a hearth trob. He is every teenage girls dream, including ours. We follow Sam on twitter to always keep in touch, and he teaches us the valuable lessons of life.

He encourages self recognition.

And he knows there is always room for a jumping photo.

Make sure to follow these boys in more by simply following our Boys list on Twitter. Haven't we just made it super easy to follow all the hottest models around? We will keep growing it of course.

Words by Wyatt McCollum.

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